Lorri Mealey

Lorri's first real job was as a cashier and hostess at a small independent restaurant in Western Maine, during college. At that time, she never dreamed that she would spend the next 15 years working in the restaurant industry, eventually co-owning three different restaurants. Today Lorri is a writer focusing on the restaurant industry and food trends. She offers advice and information on all aspects of restauranting and catering.


Lorri has worked in all facets of the restaurant business, from hostess to owner.  Though never able to master carrying two serving trays at one time, she did pick up a lot of practical knowledge about what makes a restaurant successful and what doesn't. While Lorri writes from the wilds of Western Maine, she studies restaurant trends from all over the country, gathering a wide array of resources to help independent restaurants with both management and marketing.   


Lorri holds a Bachelor's Degree in History and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Communications, with an emphasis on New Media. 

Lorri Mealey

As a former restaurant owner, I know firsthand how much work goes into managing a restaurant. You need to know how to do everything from creating menus to managing staff, all while taking care of everyday problems. Nobody will care more about your restaurant than you do. From my own experience of restaurant ownership, I know all about the joys of success and bitter taste of failure. My goal is to share some of the knowledge I have gained through the years, coupled with the latest industry trends and research. I hope it will help and inspire you in your own dream of owning a restaurant.

I always enjoy hearing from readers. If you have questions or ideas for future restaurant topics, please let me know!