Listing Analytics eBay App Gets a Significant Update

Learn About the New Features and Capabilities

screenshot of Listing Analytics
••• Image: Terapeak

Terapeak, the developer of Listing Analytics, released a major update to the eBay app last week, enhancing its ability to help eBay sellers to monitor their traffic and sales.

The app's user experience got a facelift, making the app "responsive" (so that it works nicely with iOS, Android, and other mobile devices without needing a separate app) but it's what's under the hood that's most likely to be interesting to eBay sellers that have long used Listing Analytics. First of all, what hasn't changed. Listing Analytics still enables sellers to:

  • Monitor the traffic from eBay search that their listings are getting
  • Monitor the number of clicks that their listings are getting
  • See listing-by-listing sales performance

These are the classic features that have made Listing Analytics such a popular tool amongst eBay sellers, though now they're presented in a more dynamic, visually clear fashion that enables all kinds of manipulations to the presented data.

Even more importantly, however, what Terapeak have done is to integrate Listing Analytics with their MySales application and also the subscription Terapeak application, so that eBay sellers can now also do the following in the free Listing Analytics app:

  • Link multiple eBay and Amazon sales channels and automatically track their performance
  • Summarize search traffic, clicks, and sales across any combination of channels (or all of them) and compare them over time to see upward or downward trends
  • Score active eBay listings using data-driven criteria to enhance their effectiveness

In addition, all of Terapeak's subscriber services are optionally available from within the same application, which now mirrors what users see when they log into

What It Means for eBay Sellers

eBay Listing Analytics has long been the most popular app in eBay's Apps Center, and as a free application, it was as essential as other tools like Selling Manager and Turbo Lister for small- to medium-sized sellers looking to drive their eBay businesses to new heights.

Before the update, however, the features of Listing Analytics were heavily focused on listing performance, while sales monitoring was in Terapeak's MySales tool and marketplace research was in Terapeak's subscription products.

This update brings all of those features together in a single dashboard available directly within sellers' My eBay areas, and brings what Listing Analytics users see into alignment with what Terapeak users receive (in fact, sellers that use both can access the same seller account data by logging in to either place).

What It Means for the eBay Marketplace

With this update to Listing Analytics, the eBay seller platform becomes one of the most compelling around from the tools and analytics perspective, making it easy for platform sellers to monitor the search, click, and sales performance of their listings, their categories, their channels, and even their entire business across platforms using a single interactive dashboard, all of this combined with quickly available marketplace research in the same tool.

For small- to medium-sized sellers in particular, this change easily puts eBay in the running for the "best place to sell" from the tools perspective, and it goes the extra mile by giving sellers the additional ability to monitor their sales as well—a cross-platform analytics proposition that Amazon can't currently match with their own seller tools.

How to Get the App

If you haven't previously used Listing Analytics, it's a free app—you can give it a test-drive and see whether it's right for your eBay selling by visiting the eBay Apps Center and subscribing to the app, after which it will appear in the "Applications" area of My eBay.