Learn more about liability insurance and how it protects your business against claims or suits by people who allege injuries by negligence committed by your business.
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Electronic Data Liability: What Small Businesses Need to Know
Judge's Gavel On Background of One Hundred Dollar Bills
7 All-Time Ridiculous Lawsuits
Female business owner looking at paperwork
The Most Common Types of Business Insurance Claims
Intellectual Property Rights Concept, Copyright Infringement
Covering Personal and Advertising Injury
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What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?
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Insuring Your Firm Against Contractor Negligence
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What Does Personal and Advertising Injury Mean?
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The 5 Most Common Lawsuits Filed Against Businesses
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Deductibles and Self-insured Retentions in Liability Policies
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Coverage for Your Discontinued Products and Completed Work
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What Is Contractual Liability?
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Liquor Liability Insurance - Do You Need It?
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Liability Coverage for Social Hosts
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Why you Need to Cover Your Landlord as an Additional Insured
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What Are Supplementary Payments?
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How to Guard Your Business Against Wrongful Death Claims
Nurse talking to a patient in a medical office
What Is Incidental Medical Malpractice Insurance?
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What is a Liability Waiver or Release Form?
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What Is an Other Insurance Clause?
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What Is Commercial Casualty Insurance?
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What Qualifies as an "Insured Contract"?
Midsection of woman wearing a broken arm cast
Hedge your Bets With Medical Payments Coverage
Contract document with rubber stamp, pen.
Contractual Liability Coverage for Injuires to Your Employees
Law and Legal services concept
Your Insurer's Duty to Defend You
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Do You Need Errors and Omissions Coverage?
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How Your Business Benefits from Product Liability Insurance
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Should You Buy a Claims-Made or Occurrence Policy?
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Is Your Liability Coverage Primary and Noncontributory?
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If Your Landlord Sues You for Property Damage, Are You Covered?
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Save Premium Dollars With a Self-Insured Retention
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What's a Certificate of Liability Insurance?
Woman holding a product and emerging from a television screen
Protecting Your Business From Advertising Injury Claims
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Insured, Named Insured, and Additional Insured: What's the Difference?
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What's Covered by a General Liability Policy?
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Does Your Liability Policy Cover Boats?
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Learn About Coverage for Your Products and Completed Work
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What Is an Extended Reporting Period?
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General Liability Rating: How Does It Work?
Business disagreement
When One Insured Party Sues Another
Farmer with equipment counting yields on a computer
Make Sure Your Mobile Equipment Is Properly Insured
Businesswoman on a cell phone while reading paperwork, sitting at a laptop computer
What Are Waivers of Subrogation?
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Will Your Liability Policy Cover a Claim For Faulty Work?
Liars cartoon
What Are Defamation, Libel and Slander?
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What Does Cyber Liability Insurance Cover?
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The Basics of Commercial Umbrella Policies
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Protecting Your Business With Media Liability Insurance
Woman in business clothes falling on a slippery floor
How to Avoid Slip and Fall Claims!
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Federal and State Consumer Protection Laws May Affect Your Business
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Top Ten Dumbest Lawsuits
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How Tort Reform Affects Businesses