Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Even though it's no surprise that Valentine's Day falls on February 14th this year, millions of Americans will be scrambling at the last minute to buy an appropriate token of love for their special someone sometime on February 14th.

If you're one of those last-minute Valentine's Day shoppers and you'd like a fast and easy last-minute Valentine's Day gift that is much more unique and fun than the standard Valentine's Day flowers, candy, or balloons, then check out the list below.

This is the place to find last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas that you can buy and give today. With these online and mobile gifts, there's always time to create a Happy Valentine's Day. (In the spirit of full disclosure, no one is personally vouching for or endorsing any of these last-minute Valentine's Day products or services.

They're just ideas, so make sure to check things out for yourself before you buy.) These Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts are arranged according to the type of Valentines who might like to receive them, which is, actually, no particular order at all.

Last Minute Gift for the Astrological Valentine

You can get fun and juicy insights about why you were attracted to your Valentine in the first place, and learn what it takes to make your romance and relationships work with a LoveStars report. After submitting the vital information, the Love Stars report shows up in your e-mail within five minutes, which makes it a great last-of-the-last-minute gift.

Last-Minute Gift For the eReading Valentine

A membership in eBookFling is a last-minute Valentines Day gift option if your Valentine is a Kindle or Nook reader. With eBookFling your Valentine can swap ebooks with other Kindle and Nook readers all over the U.S. You can sign up for the service for as little as $19.99 and print out an e-gift card as soon as the registration is completed for instant proof of your thoughtfulness.

Last-Minute Gift For the Cat Loving Valentine

If you want a cat-lover to be your Valentine, then the perfect last-minute Valentine's Day gift might be a Boxiecat Cat Littler Home Delivery Service. With the monthly subscription, Boxiecat brand kitty litter will be delivered to your Valentine on a regular schedule, but unfortunately, litter box cleaning and used litter removal are not part of the service.

Last Minute Gift for the Wanderlust Valentine

If a trip to Paris is what your Valentine really wants to get, but booking last-minute tickets is not what you really want to give, a last-minute alternative could be a quick download of the e-book "Your Guide to Visit Paris for Free." Download (and print, if you'd like) the book immediately, and then start saving for those airline tickets for next year. By the way, even though the content of the e-book is about all things you can get for free, but the book is not. Download "Your Gide to Visit Paris for Free."

Last Minute Gift for the Committed Valentine

If commitment is the expectation of the day, then the last-minute gift of the day that could save the day is the Together Forever Club certificate. With five promises, five minutes and one printed page, you can express your commitment to your Valentine in a way that flowers and chocolates never can. And best of all, besides paper and ink, the Together Forever certificate is free.

Last Minute Gift for the Stressed Valentine

Accepted at 5,000 spas across North America, you can buy your stressed-out Valentine a Spa and Wellness Gift Card online and your Valentine can use it at his or her favorite spa close by or far away, whichever is less stressful. Through February 15th when you purchase a Spa and Wellness Gift Card, you'll save 10%. And you can print the gift card that you purchase right away on your printer, which helps relieve some Valentine's Day stress for you too.

For the Healthy High-Tech Valentine

If your Valentine is a high-tech health nut (or wants to be) an instant Valentine's Day Gift is the "Eco Chef 10 Minute Meals with Bryan Au" App which will show your Valentine how to make organic meals, snacks, and desserts in under 10 minutes. Chef Au is well-known as a raw food and vegan chef, and this app promises to turn junk food, comfort foods, and even chocolate dessert recipes into unbelievably healthy and delicious treat.

For the Link-loving Valentine

If your Valentine is a golfer, a last-minute hole-in-one Valentine's gift is the ShowMeGolfers app which will measure shots, track stats, and even allow those left at home to watch the game as it's being played in real-time. Even if you don't love the game, you can still love the golfer.

Last Minute Gift For the Offbeat and Fun-Loving Valentine

If you don't know Fiverr, then you don't know the go-to website for message-writing ferrets, original ukulele songs, cartoon portraits, Spanish love poems, silent films, and monkey men messages. If you want the wacky, the wild, the weird, and the "what-in-the-world" Valentine's gift, and you want it quick, and you want it for five bucks, then Fiverr is the place for you.