The Largest Retail Companies in the U.S.

The best and most profitable retail stores and chains in the U.S. are also some of the largest retailers in the world. Use these resources to get important news, sales numbers, trends, research and profiles for the largest American companies in the retail industry.
Interior view of a warehouse
Best Practice and Statistics for Supply Chain and Logistics Pros, Plus Fun Facts
Woman holding baby while shopping in supermarket.
The World's Largest Supermarket Chains 2018
Walmart mega store ,Clarkston,Washington, USA
Politics Revealed! Which Retailers Are (Not) Supporting Your Candidate
McDonald's restaurant drive-thru sign
Publicly Traded U.S. Restaurant Chains and Stock Exchange Symbols
Target expects to report earnings for the fiscal Quarter
Target's Mission Statement: Delivering Outstanding Value
Wall Street Sign
Publicly Traded Companies in the U.S. Retail Industry
Costco Wholesale Honolulu
The Costco Mission Statement is the Heart of its Culture
Grocery store manager in an aisle
Learn About U.S. Retail Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Unions
Dell executive speaking in front of a Dell logo.
Discover the Mission and History of Dell Computers
Acup of coffee
Starbucks' Company Mission Statement
Starbucks coffee cups
Is Your Favorite Retailer One of the World's Most Ethical?
Publicly Traded US Retail Department Stores and Stock Exchange Symbols
Here Is a List of Publicly Traded U.S. Retail Department Stores
Dollar Tree To Acquire Family Dollar Stores For $8.5 Billion
2019 - The Biggest and Best Discount Shopping in the World
Pizza Chains Resist Proposed FDA Rules On Menu Labelling
Popular Pizza Chains in the Sales, Units, and Setting Trends
Oldest US Retailing Companies In Business
Learn About the Oldest U.S. Retailers Still in Business
Neiman Marcus Group
All About Neiman Marcus! Mission, Trivia, History, Fun Facts
Merchandise display in a Victoria's Secret store
An Undie-Cover Peek at the World's Largest Victoria's Secret Store
Two mature women sharing funny restaurant quotes while at dinner
Funny Restaurant Quotes About Eating Out
Google updates their logo in New York
The Meaning Behind Google's Official Company Mission Statement
Learn the symbols for publicly traded fashion companies so you can easily find them.
A List of Exchange Symbols for Publicly-Traded U.S. Fashion Companies
World's Largest U.S. Retail Chains 2015, All Biggest American Retailers
World's Largest U.S. Retail Chains 2015
Empty shopping cart in the supermarket shopping mall
The Largest Grocery Retailers in the U.S. and Canada
2015 Extended Christmas Shopping Store Hours
US Publicly Traded Internet Retail E-commerce & Direct Sales Companies
Publicly Traded, U.S.-Based E-commerce Companies
Target sign
Top Global Department Store Retailers
Learn About Home Depot and Its Sales, Stock, Jobs, Facts and More
The Worst Black Friday in the History of the U.S. Retail Industry
Read the Story of the Worst Black Friday Ever in US Retail History
Home Depot
Home Depot Fun Facts, History and More
Graphic showing the 2018 largest gas station and convenience store chains in the U.S.
How Do the Largest U.S. Gas Station Convenience Stores Rank?
Google UK Employees Join Walkout Over Sexual Harassment
Google's Global Headquarters and Offices Around the World