Tips for Current & Prospective Landlords

Being a landlord is a full-time job. From finding tenants to managing your property, learn what it takes to be a successful landlord.
A sublease legal agreement with a key, pen and folded money
Benefits and Risks of Allowing Tenants to Sublease
Picture of Tenant Screening Process-Verifying Income
3 Steps to Verify a Prospective Tenant's Income
How Section 8 Determines Voucher Amount
How Much Section 8 Will Pay a Landlord
Couple in the kitchen with spreadsheets
What Is Prorated Rent and How to Calculate It
Real Estate Sign For Rent
7 Great Places to Find Tenants for Your Property
Picture of How to Choose the Best Tenant for Your Rental
7 Tips for Picking a Great Tenant
Landlord standing by a ladder pointing to damage the tenant caused to a rental unit.
What Is a Move Out Inspection for Landlords and Tenants?
Picture of Legal and Optional Tenant Maintenance Responsibilities
Top Ways Tenants Can Help With Rental Property Maintenance
Picture of Getting Rental Property Ready for Sale
Preparing to Sell Your Rental Property
Picture of Before Becoming a Landlord
Landlord Characteristics and Responsibilities
Picture of 5 Factors to Help You Set the Right Rental Price
Deciding How Much Rent to Charge Tenants
This illustration shows how to do a credit check on a tenant and the information that you'll need including addresses for the last two years, the tenant's full name, date of birth, social security number, current employer, and their current landlord.
Learn How to Run a Credit Check on a Prospective Tenant
Potential Problems Landlords Face With Section 8 Tenants
Picture of Essential Lease Agreement Clauses
7 Basic Parts to Include in Your Rental Lease
Picture of Rental Property Management Strategies
3 Strategies for Managing Rental Property
Image shows a woman painting a blue wall white and a man scrubbing a sink. There is paint, a mop bucket, and a broom scattered around the apartment. Text reads: "The tenant move-out checklist: clean all windows, clean/paint walls, sweep/vacuum the floors, clean the bathrooms and kitchen"
Tenant Vacating Checklist for Landlords
People inspecting apartment
When and Why the Section 8 Inspection Is Conducted
Old wooden window damaged by weathering, flaking paint, Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Can Landlords Keep Security Deposits for Normal Wear and Tear?
Tips to Thaw a Frozen Water Pipe
7 Steps to Get Water Flowing in a Frozen Pipe
Picture of Essential Questions for Prospective Tenants
13 Questions to Ask When Screening Tenants
Woman standing with her arms crossed behind a "for rent" sign.
How to Calculate the Fair Market Rent for Your Unit
Woman handing man a key
Considering a Career as a Landlord? Be Aware of These Duties
Picture of Section 8 Rent Reasonable
How Section 8 Decides if Landlord Is Charging a Reasonable Rent
Business woman on phone in office
How to Verify a Prospective Tenant's Employment
Picture of 5 Reasons Not to Return a Tenant's Security Deposit
5 Reasons to Keep a Tenant's Security Deposit
Two young women looking at paperwork for new apartment
5 Things You Must Include in Your Security Deposit Agreement
Landlord going over checklist with new tenants in an apartment
Preparing for a New Tenant? 31 Tasks and Issues a Landlord Must See To
Landlord handing tenants their new keys.
Topics to Stay Away From During Tenant Screening
4 signs of frozen pipes: 1. strange smells from faucet or drain. 2. no water or very little water coming out of the pipes. 3. frost on the pipes. 4. not at the right temperature.
4 Tips for Spotting Frozen Pipes Before They Burst
Picture of 10 Issues to Address Before New Tenant Move In
Complete This 10 Item Checklist Before Tenant Move In
Picture of Steps to Raise a Yearly Tenant's Rent
How to Increase Rent on a Yearly Lease
one person handing a house key to another person
Here Is a Look at the Advantages of Renting to Section 8 Tenants
Picture of 5 Different Methods for Collecting Rent
5 Best Ways to Collect Rent From Tenants
Picture of Which Rent Payment Options Should Landlords Accept
4 Rent Payment Options to Accept and 4 to Avoid
Picture of Common Reasons Renters Move
Top 10 Reasons Good Tenants Leave
Image shows two people with their cat and dog looking concerned after receiving a rent increase notice. Text reads: "How tenants are protected during a rent increase: rent increases are not allowed during the lease term; landlord must send the tenant a written notice before increase; landlord must provide adequate written notice; rent increase must be considered reasonable (as determined by the local rent market); tenant can fight illegal rent increase in court; tenant does not have to agree to the rent increase"
The Proper Legal Notice for Raising a Monthly Tenant's Rent
Interior of New York style loft, holiday rental apartment
Use This Rental Checklist to Document Property Condition
a man holding a cat while a dog lays on the couch behind him
The Pros and Cons of Renting to Tenants Who Have Pets
Key in door
5 Basics of Rental Property Security Deposits
Realtor showing a bright and airy apartment to a prospective tenant
Who Is a Prospective Tenant?
House keys and lease on table in rental office.
Use This Form as a Security Deposit Receipt for Your Rental Properties
How to Keep Your Pipes Warm When It's Cold Outside
Plumber under sink with tools on kitchen floor
7 Safety and Maintenance Responsibilities of a Landlord
Teenager handing money to mother
How Much to Collect From Tenants As a Security Deposit
Empty Apartment for Rent - Bedroom
Here Are Some Signs That a Prospective Tenant Could Be a Problem
Two new tenants talking with their landlord about when rent will be due.
When to Collect Rent From Tenants
Clients and a real estate agent discussing documents
What Is a Lease?
man lying awake in bed at 3:24 a.m. due to noisy neighbors, covering his ears with his hands
Reduce Noise Complaints With a Quiet Hours Clause
an exterior house photo of a living room with a lamp on
Tips to Increase Security at Your Rental Property
Couple smiling at each other as woman accepts keys from second woman
8 Essential Resources for Screening Potential Tenants
People standing in line to apply for Section 8 housing in Union County, New Jersey.
Section 8 Offices in Union County, New Jersey
Picture of Times a Tenant Can Get Out of a Lease Without Penalty
Reasons Tenants Can Break a Rental Lease Agreement
Picture of Reasons Your Rental Is Still Vacant
7 Reasons No One Is Renting Your Property
Student Moving In
Pros and Cons of Renting to Students
Man and woman looking at house plans during a property inspection
Types of Property Inspections
Couple looking at rental listings
The 8 Best Rental Listing Sites of 2021
Rental sign in front of a row of historic houses on Park Avenue in Midtown, Baltimore.
A Guide to Tenants' Rights in Maryland
first viewing
What Responsibilities Does a Landlord Have to Their Tenants?
Text reads: "Landlord responsibilities under section 8: notify section 8 of any rent increases; find out if you're required to accept section 8 tenants; select a section 8 tenant; submit request for approval to section 8 office, including anticipated lease start date and proposed rent; pass housing quality standards inspection/pass yearly inspections; adhere to terms of lease agreement; collect security deposit and monthly rent"
7 Rules Section 8 Landlords Must Follow
Section 8 tenant responsibilities
Rules That Section 8 Tenants Must Follow