Lahle Wolfe

Lahle A. Wolfe, a single mom of four, is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, web programmer and application developer. She is founder and CEO of LA Wolfe Marketing and its two subsidiaries. Wolfe has extensive experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit business world.


Ms. Wolfe has more than 20 years of experience in small business development and management. In 1989 she wrote her first business application program for Sprint resolving significant customer billing issues and saving the company more than $1.3 million. Today, Wolfe owns her own marketing company and specializes in helping struggling business owners.

Wolfe has helped establish national nonprofit organizations, sole proprietorships, corporations, and now focuses her talents on marketing and SEO for attorneys and other professionals, and building strong business networks for women, minorities, and the disabled.


Wolfe's accomplishments and witty business advice have been featured in major publications including USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, Diabetes Forecast, The New York Times, Woman's Day Magazine, as well as on television, radio, and live pod casts.

She has written numerous publications on disability rights at school and in the workplace that are now disseminated in schools throughout the nation and through the New Mexico Health Department. She is currently writing a neuro psych book on post traumatic stress disorder and its physical affects on the brain and body.

Giving Back

Her company earned its first million before its fourth year in operation, and now Wolfe, a firm believer in corporate social responsibility, gives back to the global community by donating her time, talent, and resources to help nonprofit organizations and schools throughout the world.

Professional Memberships and Associations

  • Member, Women's Mentor Network
  • Volunteer, Mentor for
  • Member, Ladies Who Launch
  • Professional Member of the California Diabetes Coalition
  • Member, Advocacy Committee for the American Diabetes Association

Work-Life Balance

In her spare time, Wolfe enjoys playing with her children, science, physics and math, playing guitar, Hwardo, running, painting, and quilting.

Lahle Wolfe

The best business idea is one that you are passionate about. The most valuable business skill you can develop is networking. To succeed in business it helps to have a mentor and be willing to learn from others. Surround yourself with positive people and never doubt your ability to succeed. To strike it big, you have to plan big -- dreams won't get you anywhere without momentum.

It also pays to have thick skin and always remain humble.