Juan Rodriguez

Juan Rodriguez
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Juan Rodriguez is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a registered Professional Engineer in Illinois, New York and Puerto Rico with over 19 years of experience managing large civil works,house building, power generation projects and concrete expert. Throughout his career, Juan has been able to work his way up, by working on different roles and positions withing the industry. He has international experience working in US, Canada and the Caribbean. Mr. Rodriguez also offers his services as a consultant to builders, contractors and construction related professionals. Juan is an excellent speaker and a true leader that knows how to combine plain old school with new technology, maximizing results for your organization. Juan will contribute with his thorough understanding of corporate and industry practices, applicable laws, processes, standards, and will provide evaluation of project activities. He has demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills, magnificent contract and business acumen.


Juan has broad experience managing large groups of contractors and employees at the highest level offering safety and constructability analysis. His positive contribution on large projects, including renewable energy projects, rail systems, power and energy generation, water distribution systems, and housing projects are the reason behind his success bringing those experiences into the construction site.

Juan has been providing his services to many builders and construction firms around the world, training workers, contractors and serving as a consultant to many others. From time to time, he is also invited to serve as judge for international competitions, speaker and participating in different industry forums. He has experience working and managing projects in the following states/countries:

  • Puerto Rico
  • Canada
  • Illinois
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Massachusetts
  • California
  • Spain

He is an all around engineer with solid background experience in remodeling, new construction, demolition and compliance with local, state and federal codes. He has won several awards throughout his career and all the projects that he has been involved have been excel to unprecedented levels.


He has a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineer from the University of Puerto Rico, with plenty of additional preparation courses through continued education. Juan is also a Registered Professional Engineer in Illinois, Puerto Rico and the State of New York. He is a PMP certified professional by the PMI and working towards obtaining his MBA in finance.

Juan Rodriguez

As a construction expert, I present solutions and tips to common issues so you won't need to go through those same problems again. I have been publishing for about.com for more than 5 years now and sharing my knowledge with contractors and builders all over the world.

My experience serves as a help for many builders and contractors who are looking to get an edge over their competitors. Being able to share my knowledge and entice others to join this industry will be my main contribution to this site, in addition to helping create a better world. Add me to your Google Circle.

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