Jennifer Chait

  • Owns and operates, a website providing advice and support for those attempting to live a green lifestyle
  • Active blogger, social media manager and freelance writer addressing issues related to green living
  • Experienced in growing USDA-certified organic products


Jennifer Chait wrote for (now Dotdash), contributing 60 articles in four years about the organic industry. Her articles included advice for farmers, retailers, and restaurant operators.

She created the website in 2009 to serve people who are trying to live a green lifestyle. When she was a new mom, she had noticed a dearth of useful resources on eco-living and after helping to launch a website on green living for a freelance client, she became motivated to start her own blog.

Chait has a USDA-certified organic nursery and writes about organic products, organic industry issues, eco-living, sustainable architecture, pesticides, chemical dangers, and other health topics. She is also a writer and social media manager for, which covers news about the environment and sustainable design.


Chait studied nursing at the University of New Mexico from 2003 to 2005 but didn't complete her degree program. She has an associate's degree in math and science from College of the Redwoods.

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