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Jean Wilson Murray
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Jean Murray is a business coach with the education and experience to help you become more comfortable with the tax and legal issues affecting your small business, and to keep you up to date on ever-changing laws and regulations. With an MBA and a PhD in entrepreneurship, Jean brings over 35 years of experience and knowledge to these important business subjects.

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"Dr Jean" has been a business coach, helping new business owners with startup, and she has taught small business courses at business schools, colleges, and professional schools.

She loves finding information and resources and simplifying them to help people with their businesses. Dr. Murray has written several books on the subject of small business start-up and she writes and blogs about small business legal, tax, and financial issues, and business start-up subjects. Her latest books in the Frugal Business Secrets series focus on saving money, working smarter, and simplifying your business. 


Dr. Murray has an MBA in small business/entrepreneurship and a PhD in Administration/ Management. Her education also includes an online teaching certification. Dr. Murray is not a CPA or attorney.

Jean Murray

I believe that anyone can start and operate their own business, and that everyone has the right to information about important business subjects like legal issues, business ownership, and business taxes. My special skills lie in making complicated business subjects simple and easy to understand. I am pleased to be able to guide you through this subject and to provide timely information and news on business taxes and legal matters.


DISCLAIMER:  I am not a CPA or attorney, and nothing on this site in articles, emails, blog posts, or other communications is intended to be tax or legal advice. The purpose of this site is to provide general information to readers. No claim is made regarding the accuracy or legal status of information on this site. Federal, state, and local laws and regulations change, and every business situation is unique. Readers should not take action on any tax or legal matter without reviewing options with a tax advisor or attorney.