Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Web Design
Freelance Writer, Entrepreneur, Web Designer
Sheridan College


  • Has 25 years of experience in entrepreneurial endeavors such as administrative services, virtual assistance, photography, and web design.
  • Certified Canadian Virtual Assistant (CCVA) and Master Virtual Assistant (MVA)
  • Founder of web design/virtual assistance company Docu-Type and multiple photography businesses
  • Co-author of "How To Build A Successful Virtual Assistant Business"


Janice Byer has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, launching businesses across several fields In the late 90s, she launched Docu-Type, a website design and virtual assistance company, and has subsequently moved into the field of photography, starting multiple successful business in the process.

Along with writing for The Balance SMB about topics such as virtual assistance, marketing, and communications, Janice is the co-author of the book, "How To Build A Successful Virtual Assistant Business."


Janice studied micro-computer management and computer science at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada.