James Kimmons

Jim Kimmons
••• Real Estate Broker/Writer.

Jim Kimmons has many years of experience as a real estate agent and broker in three states, and serves as a consultant to other real estate professionals on using technology to improve their marketing and office management.


Jim began his real estate career as an agent and broker in Austin, TX. Currently residing in Taos, NM, Jim works primarily with Internet buyers in a vacation and resort market. This reliance on the Web for clients has contributed to Jim's experience in Internet marketing for real estate brokerages and their listing clients.

Jim's articles have appeared in Realtor Magazine in the Tech@Work section..

Jim's newest book, The Real Estate Agent's Desk Reference contains more that 500 pages of guides, tools, resources and tips for real estate professionals and real estate investors.

James Kimmons

My greatest satisfaction in writing for About.com is the opportunity it provides me to help Realtors to operate their businesses more efficiently, while better serving their clients. I hope that my previous experience in Quality Improvement Process (QIP) instruction, as well as my current brokerage and technology consulting experience, will help Realtors to respond to the changes taking place in our industry.

As I'm not the typical networking Realtor, I gravitated to the Internet as a way to gather prospects and work them into clients. In a time of increasing pressures for different business models in the practice of real estate, I hope to bring information to my readers that will help them to embrace and use technology for success in real estate.