James Bucki

••• James M. Bucki, Sr.
Jim Bucki is the Director of Computing Technology at Genesee Community College. He serves on several committees at the college and in the public sector that provide expert insight on efficient operation of organizations. His wide variety of experiences across multiple industries has given him the ability to see where opportunities for improvement lie. Most recently he led a team of representatives from the county to investigate the possibility of outsourcing some of the county’s operations.


With seventeen years of corporate experience including, consulting, manufacturing, publishing, healthcare, banking and education, Jim not only brings a depth of experience, but a breadth of experience as well. In 2001, after consulting around the country and managing operations for several companies, Jim made the jump to education. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he still provides consulting services to small and midsize organizations.


Jim received his bachelor degree from Syracuse University in Management Information Systems and Operations Management. After working for several years, he returned to academia to earn his M.B.A. at the State University of New York at Buffalo with a concentration in Marketing Management and General Management.

Media Inquiries:

Jim is available for interviews and background on all topics related to Operations Technology. He can be reached at operationstech@aboutguide.com.

James Bucki

Welcome to the one place on web that will tie together a variety of methods and technologies for the sole purpose of running and supporting the most efficient operations and administration that a company is capable of achieving. My passion is to educate people in all walks of life on computers and every type of technology that is currently available. My philosophy (ask any of my students) is “Don’t think outside the box, but eliminate the box in order to achieve greatness beyond your dreams.”