Inventory Control Software to Save Your Business Money

Inventory Software
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All inventory control software packages were not created equal. Each type of inventory control software was developed for a specific reason—and even if the developer intended for their software to be all-encompassing, not all inventory can be managed the same way.

  • High volume, high turn inventory has different challenges than low volume, high-value software. 
  • Units of measure can have an impact on how you control inventory—i.e., a bar of metal that you cut off in chunks when consuming it might be accounted for differently than a shrink-wrapped pallet of canned green beans.
  • Small businesses might have a different focus on inventory management than a Fortune 500 company.

An optimized supply chain is one in which you're delivering what your customers want and have ordered, when they want it and have ordered it—and spending as little money as possible getting that done. You can't accomplish any of that without inventory control (and paying close attention to what you're paying for that inventory control software).

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the inventory control software out there (in no particular order), that can help your supply chain drive savings, control and accountability at your company:

inFlow Inventory 

inFlow Inventory by Archon Systems is inventory management software intended for small to medium-sized businesses. Globally, inFlow Inventory has been deployed to about a million users and organizations as varied as retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, e-commerce, professional services, healthcare providers and governments use it.  

inFlow Inventory comes in three versions—a limited capabilities version that is free, a regular version that is moderately priced (as of this printing, that price is $399 for the download) and a premium version which has more reporting capabilities. The pricing is the cost of a one-time download.

Once you set reorder point alerts in inFlow Inventory, the software will send you to reorder point alerts. The software also allows you to customize the headings on sales orders, invoices, and purchase orders—and has the capability to email them directly from inFlow Inventory. 

inFlow Inventory can integrate bar code scanning and generate reports that track sales totals, cost of goods sold, taxes collected, profit margin and inventory value.

inFlow Inventory by Archon Systems provides online, email, and phone support. Users can download inFlow Inventory software and buy licenses directly on the inFlow Inventory website.


eTurns is a remote stockroom inventory management tool. If you are a supplier that replenishes inventory at a customer location then you may be able to use eTurn, which is a cloud-based inventory management software which automates replenishment, to provide real-time inventory visibility into remote stockrooms.

Not only can eTurns be used to track inventory at a customer location, but it is designed to manage inventory and help replenish stock at other remote inventory holding locations—such as contractor trucks, EMS vehicles and tool cribs. 

There is no software to install with eTurns. It's cloud-based and currently manages between three and four million transactions per month for its users. 

You can get a free demo on their website. Using eTurns requires a monthly fee which currently starts at $175 per month. 

Ecount ERP

Ecount ERP is a cloud-based inventory management solution. You can find a demo or request a free trial at the Ecount ERP website

Ecount ERP is designed for real-time inventory management and has the capability to manage that inventory using bar codes or QR codes. 

As with other cloud-based software, there is no installation required. Ecount ERP also has a mobile app that allows you to check inventory real-time and run reports. You can also order more inventory using the mobile app if you discover you've reached a reorder point. 

Ecount ERP has its own internal messenger system that allows you to be in touch with other users on your platform who are using the app. Ecount ERP also allows you and your company to have unlimited licenses instead of paying for additional user ID's. According to their website, the monthly user fee is $55, but reach out to them to make sure that's still current.


Unleashed by Unleashed Software is another cloud-based inventory management platform. While Unleashed provides real-time inventory information and can do so across multiple inventory carrying locations, it also integrates with eCommerce software.

Unleashed users can create customized reports to allow for the filtering of specific inventory management details (suppliers, product categories, warehouses, warehouse locations, etc.). Unleashed is designed to allow for cost analysis of your company's inventory by various accounting methods (average landed cost, for example). 

Unleashed can manage inventory by batch number and serial number and throughout your manufacturing process. Unleashed also allows you to manage cycle counting by providing comprehensive cycle count and inventory platform.

You can get a free trial of Unleashed's inventory management platform at their website and their costs range from $85 per month to the hundreds of dollars per month, depending upon which plan you want.


Statii is an inventory control system designed for smaller companies. With Statii, your company can set minimum stock levels and be alerted when it is time to order or make more of a specific part number. 

With Statii, you can create a customizable dashboard that delivers you the information that you've asked for, without having to search reports for the data. Statii tracks the cost of inventory throughout your facilities—and if a part is pulled from inventory and assigned to a production order, the cost of that part is automatically assigned to the production order.

Statii has the ability to advise when inventory is either running low or will create a shortage based on current workload so that you can order or make new parts to maintain your pre-set minimum and maximum inventory levels.

You can see a demo of Staii at their website. Pricing is based on monthly payments and is usually a hundred dollars or a couple hundred dollars per month. The State website is set up to give potential users a free quote.

Clear Spider

Clear Spider is another customizable cloud-based inventory management software solution which can be accessed across multiple devices, as long as they are connected to the Internet.

Clear Spider user base is over 100,000 and include a number of small businesses. Clear Spider focuses on inventory management and inventory control and isn't a part of a broader ERP application which includes functionality in human resources and payroll, for instance. 

Clear Spider's inventory management features include:

  • Flexible Workflow
  • Detailed Item Description
  • Order and Replenishment
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Cycle Counting
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Multiple Users and Locations

Clear Spider offers pricing for 1 to 10 users, 10 to 100 users, and 100+ users. Estimates for small businesses run in the $300 per month range but you can request a demo and get more precise pricing at the Clear Spider website

Dynamic Inventory

Dynamic Inventory is an inventory control software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Dynamic Inventory's software is customizable to meet its user's needs. 

You can host Dynamic Inventory on your server, in the cloud or have Dynamic Inventory host your software on their servers. Each option comes with a different price plan and advantages:

  • Host on your server: save on monthly fees and take over your own software security
  • Host in the cloud: save on server maintenance costs
  • Host on their server: save with reduced rates and enjoy automated backups 

Because of its customization capabilities, Dynamic Inventory software can be used across different industries. Dynamic Inventory's inventory control features all you to keep up with stock levels, customers, vendors, purchases and sales information.

The standard version of Dynamic Inventory is $175 per month and they offer tiered plans that go up to $500 per month. You can get more pricing information at the Dynamic Inventory website