Figuring Out Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing
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Having an internet marketing strategy plan in place is key in the world of marketing (whatever business you work in). A marketing strategy gives you a measurable and definitive way to target your market and position your business so that those who need what your business has to offer can easily find you. And, while this is only the first phase of the sales process, it is vital to the success of your online business. Though it's worth noting that web traffic doesn't equal sales.

Traffic can be increased by a few things including search engine optimization, using pay-per-clicks and marketing your site via advertising campaigns. After completing the marketing phase of bringing traffic to your portal, it's time to turn your attention to the fine art of selling your product or service to the potential customer.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

How are you approaching those prospective clients and customers that are visiting your site? Are you persuading them to take the necessary action to make your business sing? Have you clearly defined what it is that you want visitors to your site to do? Ask yourself: do you want them to buy a product, request more information, subscribe to your newsletter or (perhaps) request a free report?

There are proven methods and tactics that you can use online to increase your conversion rate and turn that prospect into a loyal customer or client. If you haven't taken the time to plan your internet marketing strategy you have made a costly mistake that could be costing you, customers.

Consider this "What is the annual worth of one customer?" Is it $25, $250 or $2,500? If having an internet marketing strategy would help you cultivate and convert just one new customer each week would planning that strategy be worth it to you?

What Is the Key Missing Component in the Virtual Sales Process?

Before you start marketing yourself online you must recognize that in the virtual world you are missing a key component to the sales process and that one missing factor could cause your business one big problem and result in a loss in sales. That's because the missing element is the one element necessary to make the sale: human interaction. This has been the biggest struggle to e-commerce business online.

When a person enters a physical store they are met by a salesperson and a relationship (as well as trust) is established.

Websites and virtual storefronts (though glitzy and convenient) don't allow for that connection. Often it is the sales person who offers up an alternative to the desired product or makes it easy for the customer to find that they're looking for.

The key question then becomes: "How can I provide that emotional human-like interaction in my virtual space? Answer that and you're half-way there.