Real Estate: Successful Brokerages Leverage Technology to Help Agents

Future Success in the Cloud

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The days of the traditional real estate brokerage are numbered and coming to an end sooner than many might believe. It simply isn't consumer-friendly, and they no longer control listing information.

Agents now say they want more in the way of technology and services from their brokers. Floor time and brand-generated leads are important but not as much as in the past.

Using the Internet to Connect to the Local Consumer

The big brokerages and franchises are furiously creating huge websites at corporate/franchise level. They are driving visitors to the site and in a variety of ways generating leads that are passed down to the local offices, there divided again, and passed finally to an agent.

The large brokerages and franchises, however, need to create a web presence at agent level in the local markets. They need to train agents and solicit their input on content for these sites.

That will help the most successful websites, or blogs, generate leads in a less top-down, more broad-based fashion.

The net result of these mini-local presences will be far greater than the huge "we have all of the listings" sites. Real estate will always be local, and the more local a website is in content, the better its ultimate lead generation.

Office and Contact-Prospect Management

More real estate website providers are integrating back office and marketing tools into their product offerings. However, the main value is in the ability to set up customized databases for real estate brokerage office management, universal log-ins, and the ability to manage independent contractor real estate activities.

Internet Faxing Corporate Account

This is a centralized account, but with separate fax numbers for the agents, to deliver PDF documents. The brokerage realizes economies and better control of documentation.

Provide Accounting Help is a free expense tracking service for independent contractors.

There are many more free or low-cost productivity tools on the internet. Brokerages, by helping agents discover these tools, help them succeed.