The Rule of 7 Can Radically Grow Your Business

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The Rule of 7 states that a consumer or client needs to interact with your brand seven times before deciding to hire or buy from you. While it would be nice to send a single marketing message that consumers respond to, most people don't buy the first time they come across an offer. As a result, you need to develop marketing tactics that include the concept of the Rule of 7 so you can continue to put your offer in front of them until they buy.

Here are seven ways you can increase the chances of a lead seeing your offer multiple times.

Expand Your Marketing Channels

Use multiple channels to reach the broadest audience possible, as well as to increase your visibility with prospects who also use multiple channels. Take a look at the biggest brands today, and you’ll notice that you run across them in a variety of mediums.

When you created your business plan, you should have identified your ideal target market as well as the best methods for reaching it. This information lets you know the variety of channels you can employ to get your offer in front of the right people. Ideas include:

  • Ads on blogs and websites
  • Ads in print publications
  • Ads on social media
  • Social engagement on social media platforms
  • SMS and mobile marketing tactics
  • In-person events (e.g., tradeshows, public speaking)
  • Podcasts and radio
  • Online marketplaces (e.g., Amazon, eBay)

Leverage Multiple Forms of Content

Well-known online marketer, Gary Vaynerchuk suggests that marketers create 100 pieces of content a day.

“If you are not producing 100 pieces of content … every single day you are leaving the greatest opportunity in the world on the table.”

The reason you need so much content is that not everyone consumes the same type of content. Some people prefer to read while others enjoy visual or audio content. Disseminating a variety of formats of your content across various platforms increases the chance it will get seen and offers the ability to cross-promote your channels. For example, a video or social media post can direct people back to your website.

Content marketing is highly effective but extremely time-consuming. One way to save time is to first consider the multiple platforms you post on when you conceptualize your content, and then two, repurpose the content. For example, if you want to do a video, when creating your script be sure to have areas you can cut and use the snippet on Instagram or Facebook. You can have the video transcribed and post as text on your website, and pull quotes to share on social media. You can resize your quote graphics to post across different social platforms.

Creating 100 pieces of content might feel daunting, but you can repurpose past content, and plan future content with the idea of getting on a variety of channels.

Consider hiring virtual support to assist in your content creation and dissemination. A video editor can prepare your video for YouTube, as well as shorter clips for Instagram and Facebook. A virtual assistant can transcribe your video and post the text on your blog, then create quote visuals and schedule them for posting on social media.

Make Frequency a Part of Your Strategy

Committing to 100 pieces of content a day might seem impossible, but even if you're just posting three or four pieces a day across as many platforms, the goal is to be regular and consistent. If a potential buyer comes to your Facebook page or blog and sees that it hasn't been updated for weeks, they won't come back, nor will they click links to follow you, thereby missing the opportunity to get your business message in front of them.

There are a variety of tools to help you streamline and automate the content dissemination process. For example, you can schedule social media posts in advance, and many services will repost old social media on a regular schedule. A service like Scribie or Rev will transcribe your video or audio content to use as a blog post or to create quote graphics.

The easiest way to stay consistent and frequent is to have a content editorial calendar that you stick to.

Build an Email List

The growth of social media has led some to think email marketing is dying, however, research isn't bearing this out. Campaign Monitor looked into email vs. social media and found that your messages are five to six times more likely to be seen through email than social media.

People will click follow on social media without too much thought, but they only give their email away if they're very interested in what you're offering. Email makes it much easier to reach out to the same people with greater frequency, making the Rule of 7 easy to implement.

Like your content marketing plan, your email marketing should have a strategy that includes regular consistent messages. A Litmus survey indicated that Tuesday is the best day to email and that you should use dynamic messages.

Start Contributing to Industry Blogs and Media Publications

The wider you can expand your reach, the more likely you'll get your brand in front of new leads. You can do this by contributing content to other media that targets your audience. For example, you can write articles and blog posts for other sites. You can use a resource such as HARO to find media looking for experts to interview or provide expert tips. You can pitch podcasts and videocasts as an expert guest.

Setting yourself up as a go-to resource and expert boosts your credibility as well as your reach to your target market.

Expand your reach offline through public speaking, such as sitting on panels or doing workshops.

Embrace Social Media

It goes without saying that businesses should be utilizing social media in today's environment. However, don't just stop at Facebook and Twitter. Keep in mind that your goal is to reach your target market, so you need to be on the platforms it uses. Does your market like Pinterest? Maybe you offer business-to-business services, in which case LinkedIn might be a better option. Does your market like to engage a lot with businesses, then perhaps you should be using Instagram. The goal is to be where your audience is.

Leverage New and Trending Technology

New ways to reach your target audience are emerging all the time. Push notifications, in which visitors to your site can be notified when you post something new, is easy and affordable to add to your website although you'll want to weigh the annoyance factor of a popup notification. There has been increasing recommendations toward segmenting your marketing efforts in which you target subsets of your ideal market. According to Gary Vaynerchuk, businesses should be taking a close look at TikTok.

It can be a challenge to keep up with new and emerging marketing resources, as well as to know if it's something your business should adopt. A part of your business activities should include following marketing experts to see what they're recommending. It doesn't hurt to test new trends as well. Sometimes being an early adopter can give you an edge.

The Bottom Line

Marketing is as important to your business as the product or service you provide. Marketing works best when you know who your ideal buyer is, where to find them, and then provide a multitude of messages to entice them to learn more about you. Because consumers don't often buy on the first experience with you, develop marketing strategies that not only keep your brand in front of them but also, builds trust and rapport.

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