How to Use eBay's Vehicle Protection Program

A driver's side view of a vehicle
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For most people, buying a vehicle is a major purchase. So it's easy to understand why buying a vehicle on eBay Motors might be daunting to consider. 

But eBay has some safeguards in place, including its independent protection program for eBay Motors buyers. It protects purchases up to $50,000 in value.

What the eBay Vehicle Protection Program Covers

The purchase protection program kicks in only under certain circumstances. For instance, if you pay for a vehicle but never receive it, then it would be eligible for coverage under the program. Iif you send a refundable deposit for a vehicle but never receive it or if law enforcement determines you’ve paid for a stolen vehicle are all conditions under which — these would all be examples of when the purchase protection goes into effect. 

Other situations for which the protection program applies: If you’ve paid for a vehicle that has an undisclosed lein against its title, or paid for a vehicle whose make, model, or year were not accurately described. Likewise if no title can be obtained for a vehicle for which you’ve paid and for which a title was claimed to be clear and available, or if a vehicle has substantial odometer inaccuracy. 

Additionally, if you've paid for a vehicle with an undisclosed necessary repair issue costing over $1,000 or other undisclosed conditions like water damage, your purchase would be covered.

What Vehicle Protection Doesn’t Cover

There are, of course, a whole host of things that eBay’s program doesn’t cover. Some of the most common situations include undisclosed damage on vehicles 10 years old or older, normal wear and tear, or general maintenance issues.

It also won't cover things like cosmetic damage, repairs under $1,000, or needed repairs that can't be documented. If a transaction isn't completed, any nonrefundable deposits become the responsibility of the buyer. 

Some title issues may not be covered under the purchase protection program, depending on how they were disclosed prior to the vehicle sale. And, as always, if you complete the transaction outside of eBay Motors, you're on your own.

Eligibility Requirements

The complete set of requirements is outlined on the program website, but the basic guidelines require that you purchase the vehicle on eBay Motors and that both buyer and seller need eBay accounts are in good standing. Buyers also must not have requested another Vehicle Protection reimbursement in the last six months, and all parties involved in the transaction (including any financial institutions involved) must be based in the United States or Canada.

To take advantage of the vehicle protection program, you must submit a reimbursement request under the program within 30 days of the end of the listing (not 30 days of payment and/or delivery). The only two exceptions include stolen vehicles (for which you have 365 days to submit) and missing and unobtainable titles (for which you have 90 days to submit).

Filing a Claim 

If you believe that you have been dealt with unfairly or in bad faith and are eligible under the terms outlined above for reimbursement under the program, you can file a claim with eBay

Be sure you have all your paperwork and everything that transpired well-documented. It will be up to you to prove your case and illustrate why you're eligible for the vehicle protection program.