How to Use eBay's 'Contact Us' Tool

Following the form through each question is key

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The "contact us " tool is a part of eBay's online customer support system. The tool asks eBay users to describe their problem in a few short words. It then offers options to help users to resolve the buying, selling or other issue they're having.

Sometimes these options include contacting eBay by telephone, live chat or web form. At other times, users will be offered links to relevant website tools.

What to Expect When Using "Contact Us"

When accessing the tool (use the links above or below), you'll likely be asked to sign in using your eBay member ID and password.

The customer support tool offers three basic options, each of which branches into a series of more specific issue-oriented questions and choices. For example, there's buying--the option you should choose if your desire to contact eBay relates to a purchase that you have made, would like to make or are trying to make. Users would also choose the "buying" option if their question relates to shopping and making purchases on eBay in general.

If your problem has nothing to do with "buying," you might select the "selling" option. This option would apply if you are an eBay seller and want to contact eBay in relation to a selling issue. The issue may have to do with your listings, a problem buyer or anything else selling-oriented. As long as it relates to selling, this option would be appropriate.

If neither "buying" or "selling" is the problem at hand, but you're having issues with your eBay account generally, select the "account" option. This option would be appropriate if you need to contact eBay about billing or payment of your eBay balance. It would also be appropriate if your problem relates to registration or configuration issues or anything else on eBay not directly related to buying or selling.

In addition, eBay's support tool also includes options such as fees and billing, shipping, returns and how to resolve a problem.

Following the Form

In order to be provided with a way to contact eBay or access a relevant website tool, you must follow the form through each question or option until it provides you with a phone number or relevant link. You will not be offered a way to contact eBay until you follow the form to its conclusion.

If you have trouble using the form, you may have to contact eBay by phone to solve the problem. eBay's customer service phone number is (866) 540-3229. Its technical support phone number is (866) 961-9253.

Whether you contact eBay by phone or online, the goal is to help you resolve disputes and answer questions in the most efficient manner possible. If you're the type who hates to contact customer service for fear of being placed on hold or of having a time-consuming conversation, eBay offers a list of common concerns its users have.

The list includes everything from trouble listing an item to how to revise a listing. It is detailed enough that you might be able to figure out how to resolve the issue without contacting customer service.