How to Remove Negative Feedback on eBay

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If you've ever had a buyer who was less than thrilled with a purchase, you've likely wondered how you can remove negative feedback from eBay. While changing the feedback you receive requires work on your part, it is, in fact, possible to revise the reviews you receive. Doing so will give other buyers more confidence in you and prevent your sales from going down. Use the tips that follow to transform your eBay presence and prevent getting derailed by bad reviews.

Getting Buyer and Seller to Compromise

It's not uncommon for eBay users to feel that they have been treated unfairly when they receive negative feedback. After all, for the most part, sellers are above-board traders and feel as if they're doing their best to satisfy the other party. So, can feedback be removed if sellers feel that it's unfair to them?

The answer is yes. Feedback can actually be removed—but usually only if both parties in the transaction have worked out their differences and notify eBay that they're willing to have negative feedback withdrawn. Given this, it's necessary to reach out to your customer and get to the root of the dispute.

Were you to blame? If so, take steps to remedy the problem, if possible. If the damage has already been done, however, see if you can get the buyer to understand the circumstances that led to the problem. Did you ship the item late? Explain why to the buyer and that it will not happen again. Send the buyer a token of your appreciation to make up for it or try to negotiate a deal on a future purchase.

Removing Negative Feedback Under Special Circumstances

Feedback can also be removed under special circumstances. Generally, this occurs when the feedback in question is threatening, obscene or offensive. This may also happen when the feedback presents a clear danger to the person about whom it was left. For example, say a reviewer includes personal details about the seller in feedback. It could be a telephone number, address or the person's full legal name.

Leaving such information could lead unsavory types to harass the seller via phone, email or even in person, potentially endangering him. In this case, even if the buyer has a valid concern, eBay would remove the review. Learn from such a situation by taking steps to improve your service in the future and not selling to any buyers who appear risky in some way.

Wrapping Up 

If you have come to an agreement with your trading partner and wish to remove negative feedback that was previously left, or if you believe that a partner has left feedback that violates eBay rules or endangers your safety, visit the feedback withdrawal form to begin the process of having feedback removed.

If you consistently receive negative feedback, review why this keeps happening. What steps do you need to take to improve your customer service? Take measures to remedy the issue or perhaps take a break from eBay until you can amend the situation.