How to Make Money Selling Embarrassing Products on eBay

eBay embarrassing products
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We have all been there. You need to purchase a personal product such as hemorrhoid cream, athlete's foot spray, or a sexual wellness product. Maybe you live in a small town and don't want the whole community to see what you are buying. Maybe you are just too embarrassed to go into a store to buy certain products. Whatever the reason, some situations warrant buying a product online to alleviate the embarrassment of buying an item in a store

If you are looking to expand your eBay product line, do some research on personal products. Most are easy to find, easy to ship, and don't take up much storage space. Some examples of embarrassing products include: condoms, pregnancy tests, ovulation kits, clinical strength deodorants (for extreme body odor), toenail fungus liquid, wart removal systems, lip ointment for fever blisters, yeast infection treatments, feminine odor products, menstruation products, menopause products, sexual wellness items, bikini wax kits, jock itch and athlete's foot products. 

Think about the buyer's mindset and why they might turn to the internet for these types of products. Also, think about your business as an eBay seller and how you can expand your product line to offer these items. Embarrassing products can be great sellers on eBay for several reasons:

People Appreciate the Anonymity of the Internet

Ordering online allows consumers to transact business privately without questions, remarks, or strange looks from employees or shoppers in stores. What embarrasses one person may not embarrass another. Buyers can get what they need quickly while sellers can make good money selling those products to people all over the world. eBay shows nearly 300,000 listings with the keywords "sexual wellness."

Embarrassing Products Are Easy for Resellers to Find

Sellers can easily source embarrassing products from grocery stores, drug stores, closeout stores like Big Lots, at auctions, estate sales, garage sales, and flea markets. Sometimes, a product will be discontinued in a certain store because it is not selling well in that store or market. Sellers can snag cheap items on the clearance rack and flip online for profit. Always check the clearance section in your local grocery store, evaluate the eBay market using the eBay app, and determine if a profit is possible. 

Buyers Will Pay a Premium for Embarrassing Products Online

Some consumers are not price sensitive. They are more concerned with finding the product they want, fast shipping, and privacy. It is not unusual for consumers to pay three times retail for a particular product online because of the privacy factor. This concept may seem backward - isn't eBay for buying items at a cheaper price? Not always. Some buyers seek very specific products and purchase on eBay strictly for the privacy factor. 

International Customers May Not Have Access to Products That Are Commonplace in the U.S.

Health care systems differ from country to country. For example, the healthcare system in the United Kingdom, also known as The NHS, does not offer the same over-the-counter medicines as the United States. For example, a prescription from a physician is required to purchase Desitin baby ointment, Benadryl allergy medicine, toothpaste with peroxide, and wart removers. Rather than go to the physician and then the pharmacy and pay a high price tag for these items, international customers have learned to buy them on eBay USA and have them shipped to their country. 

It is very interesting to research the health and beauty products that people in different countries buy from US eBay sellers. For example:

UK residents frequently buy lip balm.

People living in the arctic circle who have to deal with the midnight sun, often purchase sleep aids, eye masks, and aromatherapy products.

The Spanish and Greek purchase specialty sunscreens online. 

Italians like anti-aging products including skin serums.

Remember that not all buyers are like you. To increase sales on eBay, sellers need to get into the heads of buyers. When you understand why and how a seller buys specific items, you can seize more opportunities to serve them and create a more successful business.