5 Ways to Land the Best Civil Construction Jobs

Construction worker using laptop on construction site
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Are you fresh out of your university course on civil construction, or a seasoned professional with substantial work experience underneath your belt? Age, education and career experience can all play a part in your success in landing the best civil construction jobs. Some job strategies may work better than others for you, according to your situation. The last one in the list below could turn out to be the best one ever.

Check Employers’ Websites

Jobs and vacancies are likely to be posted on the websites of the companies looking to hire, so check out those sites. Potential employers may also ask for candidates able or willing to use specific construction management software or tools. That gives you the chance to research those items and appear more knowledgeable in your application and at an interview.

Take Advantage of Recruitment Agencies

This can be a useful way to multiply your opportunities while minimizing the time you spend searching. The potential downside is that there is a barrier between you and a potential employer. Depending on how good the agency is, you and the employer may be a match made in heaven or a non-starter.

Work Placement and Graduate Entry

Typically for those currently doing or completing a construction course in further education. Work placement gives you an opportunity to impress your supervisor, and also to see if you like the company enough as well. Graduate entry may take a few months, but often happens in the final year of study: as long as you get a suitable job offer before you graduate, the lengthier process should not be a problem.

Using Social Media

People in the know about the construction business may mention vacancies or opportunities in social media. Some construction companies use social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to advertise a need for candidates. A forward-looking construction company may also encourage its employees to mention any opportunities for employment on their own social networking pages or presence.

Customize Your Resume and Cover Letter to Each Position

However you use any of the four possibilities above, remember to tailor each application to the specific organization concerned. Start with the company. Look at the information on its website about what it does and how it competes. Then, emphasize the items in your resume that are likely to appear the most interesting and valuable to that company, and write your covering letter in the same way.

But what about the fifth and final way of landing the best construction jobs?

Become an Independent Contractor

This will require sufficient construction industry experience and knowledge, and perhaps a few useful industry contacts. However, setting up your own construction company is the way to create and live a construction job the way you want. Owning and running your own business as a construction contractor or construction manager can be rewarding. It can also require more energy and determination that a salaried position with another company.

Don’t forget your resume-writing skills, however. As an independent contractor, you will need to apply the same principles each time you bid for a construction job. The only difference is that you are now addressing a customer, rather than an employer. However, you should still start from what you know about your customer, and his or her requirements and concerns, and then tailor your bid to emphasize the items that are likely to be of most interest to the customer.

That means more work in both senses: more effort for you because you will be doing it more often (every time you bid for a new project); but also more jobs that you do with more revenue, because your customers will see that you understand better what they want.