How to Incorporate a Business in Illinois

Filing Incorporation Documents in Illinois

How to Incorporate a Business in Illinois
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To incorporate in Illinois, you must submit Articles of Incorporation. This article provides details on what to include in the Articles of Incorporation, the amount of the incorporation fee, and where to send the incorporation documents and fee.

Information necessary to prepare Articles of Incorporation

Articles of incorporation for profit corporations in Illinois must contain the following information:

The name of the corporation. The corporate name must include one of the following words or abbreviations: Corporation, Company, Incorporated, Limited, Corp., Co., Inc. or Ltd.

The number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue. All corporations filed online will have only one class of stock, which will be named "Common Stock". The number of shares of common stock to be authorized must be set forth along with the number of shares of common stock proposed to be issued without further report to the Secretary of State. The monetary consideration to be received by the corporation in exchange for the shares of common stock proposed to be issued must also be set forth.

The purpose of the corporation. All corporations filed online will have the following purpose: "The transaction of any or all lawful purposes for which corporations may be incorporated under the Illinois Business Corporation Act." Professional corporations, Medical corporations, Close corporations or business corporations with a specific purpose cannot be filed online.

The name and Illinois street address (no PO Box) of the Registered Agent. A Registered Agent is the person responsible for sending and receiving corporate documents and correspondence, on behalf of the corporation. This person must be located at an Illinois street address.

The name and complete address (including city, state, and zip code) of each incorporator of the corporation. The incorporator must be a natural person aged 18 years or more. The incorporator is the individual who is filing the Articles of Incorporation and any other official documents required by the state (his/her duties are completed once the corporation is incorporated).

Incorporation Process
To incorporate a business in Illinois, you may complete the online form, or you can fill in the PDF form BCA 2.10, print it out and send it in to the address below.‚Äč

Incorporation Fees
Illinois Articles of Incorporation fees include Franchise Tax $25, Filing Fee $150, Expedited Fee $100, and Payment Processing Fee $6.25. for a total of $281.25.

Contact Information:
Address: Jesse White, Secretary of State, Department of Business Services, 501 S. Second St., Rm. 350, Springfield, IL 62756
Phone: 217-782-9522

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Disclaimer. The information in this article is not intended to be, nor should it be relied upon, as legal advice. The author makes no claims about the completeness or accuracy of this information; states change regulations. fees, and names of documents and this article may not have the most up to date information regarding incorporation in a specific state. Your situation may be more complex and require additional information for your state.
Some states have several incorporation forms, depending upon the type of corporation. Be sure to read carefully both in this information and on your state's website, to determine the best corporation form for your business.
Before you submit incorporation documents or fees to your state, check your state's Secretary of State (business division) website or consult with your legal advisor.