How to Create a LinkedIn Badge for Your Profile

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LinkedIn is an affordable, effective resource for home business owners to make strategic connections, find new clients and customers, and find support and resources. But like all other Internet assets, it only works if people are able to find and connect with you.

While there are many ways you can harness the power of LinkedIn within the network, you can and should also promote your profile outside of LinkedIn. You can easily include a text link from your website to LinkedIn, but a graphic badge will more likely be seen and clicked. 

Before Creating a LinkedIn Badge

Before you start telling people about your LinkedIn profile, you want to make sure it's ready to do its job in showing your expertise. If don't yet have a profile, you want to create a LinkedIn login and get started.

Once you have an account, you'll want to complete all sections of the basic profile and any additional features you want to add to put you and your business in the best light.You should also decide how much of your profile you want visible to non-LinkedIn members. LinkedIn allows you to control what outsiders can see on your public profile. Consider creating a custom LinkedIn URL to personalize your link.

Once your profile is complete and ready for viewing by potential connections, it's time to create a LinkedIn badge for your other online properties.

How to Create a LinkedIn Badge

The LinkedIn badge can be used on your website, blog and email to let others know about, view and connect with you on LinkedIn. In putting your badge on your website, you'll need to know how to copy and paste code into your online properties' text editor. Or, if you have a webmaster, you can send him the code and he can add it for you.

Here's how to create a LinkedIn badge:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn account.
  2. Hover over the Profile tab with your mouse or pointer on LinkedIn's main menu bar at the top of the page and select Edit Profile.
  3. In the top section, look below your picture to where your profile URL is listed. Hover your cursor next to the URL and a settings icon appears. Click on it.  
  4. The Public Profile page should be open. On the right-hand side of the page you'll see "Your Public Profile URL" and below that "Customize Your Public Profile." Underneath that, you'll see "Your Public Profile Badge." Click on Create a Public Profile Badge link. 
  1. The LinkedIn badge page opens with a variety of graphics to choose from. Next to each badge is a box with code. Select the badge you like and copy the corresponding code. When you click in the code box, all the code will highlight. Right click on your mouse and choose Copy. 
  2. Go to the web page, blog or another page where you want to display your LinkedIn badge and paste the code you copied. Put your cursor in the spot you want the badge to appear. Right click and select Paste. Make sure you're in the text editor or the code will appear on your webpage or blog and not the badge. Click on save and check that your badge is appearing correctly.

    How to Use the LinkedIn Badge

    The LinkedIn badge can be used anywhere you can use a graphic link. You can paste it in the sidebar of your blog or have it appear at the end of all your blog posts. You can use it on your website. Another option is to add it to the signature line of your email if you use HTML email.

    Once your LinkedIn profile is done and you've added links to it using your URL and badges, you can then use LinkedIn to market your home business.

    This article is part of The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn.

    Updated May 2016 Leslie Truex