Attracting Top Affiliates Is Crucial for Affiliate Marketing Success

Getting Top Affiliates to Sign Up With You Is Not Easy But It Sure Is Necessary

Attracting Top Affiliates
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In response to an earlier article I wrote about affiliate marketing, I received some queries about getting started on this arduous journey. Some ecommerce players had burned their hands at affiliate marketing, while others had to still get started. In both cases, a big area of concern was, "How will my affiliate offer stand out in the ocean of similar offers? How will I attract top affiliates?"

To address that issue, I decided to create the following checklist that evaluates your readiness to attract top affiliates:

Do You Have an Attractive Listing on the Affiliate Network?

Assuming you have decided to list with an affiliate network, have you checked out the large number of affiliate offers listed there? How do you measure up? If you were an affiliate, would you find your listing attractive?

Does Your Landing Page Cause Love at First Sight?

It would be an exaggeration to say that the landing page makes or breaks the sale, but not by much. When ecommerce professionals ask me what they should spend their money on, I always recommend a fantastic landing page.

Have You Done Your Bit to Equip Affiliates With Effective Tools?

Affiliate marketing is about creating partnerships that work. It is not about renouncing or outsourcing your marketing function. It is imperative that you help your affiliates sell. And the best way to do that is to equip them with a large number of great tools for affiliate marketing.

Are Your Terms Attractive?

There are several turn-offs for top affiliates. Most of these arise from the affiliate terms you offer. Here is what does not sell:

  • a very low selling price
  • a small commission percentage
  • a progressively incremental commission scale when you are an untested seller
  • payment after a long hold period
  • among others

Are You Unnecessarily Prohibiting Certain Traffic Sources, or Otherwise Retaining Too Much Control?

Some sellers are so paranoid about losing control over the sales process that they end up placing unnecessary restrictions on affiliates. While on the one hand, I do not doubt that there are disadvantages of affiliate marketing, on the other, you do need to either commit to it. Otherwise avoid affiliate marketing entirely. There is no middle path here!

Are You Empowering Affiliates With the Right Analytics?

You can be sure that top affiliates are serious about their affiliate marketing business. Like other seasoned online entrepreneurs, they too need their dashboards to evaluate their campaigns. Playing blind is never fun. You need to find a mechanism to allow affiliates to have access to data analytics that will enable them to keep tweaking their campaigns to maximize their profitsĀ and in turn your profits. If you are going with an affiliate network, quite likely they will take care of this function. In fact, you could use this as one of the criteria in selecting an affiliate network.

Do You Have a Plan on How You Will Reach Out to Affiliates or Do You Expect the Affiliate Network to Do All the Heavy Lifting?

When faced with the direct recruitment of affiliates vs. joining an affiliate network debate, you might be tempted to choose the latter because you do not want to undertake a serious exercise in selling to prospective affiliates. I think that is not a good motivation to sign up with an affiliate network. Sure they will have their set of affiliates. But you still have to go out and do your bit. I would expect you to use forums, blogs, social media, and maybe even advertising to attract top affiliates to your offer.

Final Words

Plain and simple: make sure you are doing your bit to attract the right talent as affiliates. A few top affiliates are worth much more than an army of sub-par affiliates.