How the Words You Use Can Determine Your Success

website copy
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Website copy can be crucial for your success—whether you have a brick-and-mortar store with a website to back it up or if you make most of your money through sales online—the copy and keyword strategy you use can make your business soar or keep it from growing.

Website copy is both an art and a science. It connects consumer behavior with human psychology and language.

Creating copy that converts can be challenging and combining this with the desire to rank your website in Google and other search engines through the use of keyword optimization can feel downright impossible.

Here are six steps to help you create website copy that converts:

1. Create a Customer Avatar

A customer avatar profile is a document that describes your ideal prospect or customer. It’s kind of like building an imaginary friend. You visualize who the person that you’re selling to is and tell a detailed and vivid story about them.

This doesn’t mean that will only be selling to this specific, imaginary person. After all, imaginary people don’t have any money. But it allows you to write your copy in a way that feels much more personal to your prospect.

Lots of people skip the step of creating an ideal customer profile or customer avatar, but I don’t recommend that you do. It’s the foundation that great copy is built on.

2. Understand That People Don’t Care About You

It’s super exciting to talk about your own products and services. I get it—it’s what you spend your whole life doing. But honestly people are only interested in themselves (this isn’t bad, just how humans are wired).

So you need to focus all your copy on the benefits your readers get from your products.

To do this, you’ll want to create a list of features, benefits, and potential objections. Each product feature (which is what most product creators talk about) should be turned into a bullet point on how the product benefits customer.

And objections should be answered within the sales copy.

3. Understand Your USP and Be Able to Communicate It Succinctly

There are a lot of people selling stuff. And you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd somehow. That’s where your USP—unique selling proposition—comes in.

It’s a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd so people will give you a second look. And it needs to be stated in the briefest terms possible.

Usually this means you’ll have a headline, a subheading, and a few bullet points. By using this type of formatting, visitors can scan the page and quickly find whether there’s your service or product is of interest to them.

4. Know the Next Step

The goal of web copy is to get your reader to take the next step in your funnel or sales process. Determine the next step you want them to take—this could be filling out an email form, booking an appointment with you or selling a product.

Then write your copy around you list of features, benefits and objections with the goal of getting them to take that next step. You should always include some type of call-to-action.

5. Give Your Copy an Edit

Most of the time, when I’m editing web copy I’m looking for things I can take out. You’ll boost the readability by simplifying and tightening up your text.

By editing your web copy to be as elegant and persuasive as possible you can maximize the impact on every single visitor.

A good rule of thumb here is to read your web copy out loud. It will find mistakes that you didn’t even know you made and help you identify areas that may not read well.

6. Finally: Optimize for Search Engines

I know it may seem weird that I put this one last, but it’s important to do this last. Search engines bring you traffic, but they won’t convert your visitors into customers. If you write for search engines instead of your ideal prospect, then your website is likely to get lousy conversions.

Do your keyword research, but make sure that your website copy is written for the real human beings who will use it.

Developing website copy that converts can be challenging and time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort. Because the website copy that you use can determine how successful you are.