How Construction Management Software Impacts the Job Site

Construction workers using laptop on construction site
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It is somewhere between exceedingly difficult and flat-out impossible to run a modern construction site without the aid of construction software. In fact, software does so much of the actual work these days it actually cuts out a huge chunk of overhead, allowing your company to place more attractive bids, hire more skilled workers, and maintain a project that stays well within budget. Here are several areas of the average construction job that are impacted greatly by the use of quality construction software.

Project Management Software

Good project management software is an integral part of any construction job because it does much of the legwork when it comes to planning and organizing projects. A comprehensive suite of digital project planning and management solutions does everything from estimation and planning to budget management and cost control. It helps construction managers with resource allocation and automates and streamlines the generation of all kinds of paperwork. Without these things there simply is no project to manage in the first place.

Project management software also provides vital information to everyone involved in the job from workers to upper management to stakeholders and is often used to provide evidence to support cost and labor estimates. Some of the typical issues covered by project planning software include:

  • Providing an overview of every aspect of the job (cost, duration, etc.)
  • Early warning risk assessment
  • Relationship between real-time estimates and historical information regarding the progression of the project
  • Resource optimization
  • Cost analysis

Scheduling Software

There are few companies either inside or outside the construction field that don't implement some kind of scheduling software to keep projects moving forward smoothly. In construction, this is especially important since every part of the job has to be completed in a specific order and within a given time frame. Among other things, scheduling software assists in:

  •  Leveling and resource assignment
  • Estimating project duration
  • Accurate cost evaluation

Good scheduling software helps construction managers organize an entire job – regardless of its size or duration – and can even work in tandem with other software solutions to automate ordering and purchasing materials. This helps ensure that everything necessary to complete a section of the project on schedule is available when and where it's needed. 

Budget and Accounting Software

A good accounting solution helps keep construction site jobs running smoothly by evaluating the costs involved in every phase of a project. This helps to ensure that the funds are available to make necessary purchases and to cover other vital areas of project finance, not the least of which being payroll and other funds necessary to maintain a solid workforce.

Communication Software

Good communication is the foundation for a successful construction project. A good mobile software-based communication platform is a great way to ensure that those lines of communication remain clear and wide open between upper management and the site for the duration of the project. Better solutions integrate all levels of communication from real-time conversations to emails, texts, and digital file sharing to form a seamless communication network. 

Good communication software also streamlines the process of collaboration between contractors and subs as well as between your company and your client's internal points of contact. When information moves quickly, so does your project. Having powerful communication software in place on the job site is often the key difference between a project that runs smoothly and within budget and one that gets finished behind schedule or even halted completely while various issues get sorted out.

These few examples provide just a thumbnail sketch of the real impact that construction software has on the average construction project. Your needs and those of your individual projects may vary. This is why it is vital that you know what's out there and how different kinds of software solutions can help expedite and optimize processes you already have set in motion in your company.