Home Depot Fun Facts, History, Trivia: U.S. Home Improvement Retailing

Home Depot
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As one of the Top Ten Largest Retail Chains in the World, the Home Depot retail chain is one of the original category killing big-box chains in the U.S. Because of its size alone, Home Depot is well-known in the countries where it operates - the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. But as much as retail industry leaders, stockholders, analysts, consumers, employees, and students already know about Home Depot, there is even more little-known history, trivia and fun facts about Home Depot to learn.  

Depot Product Mix Tricks

  • When the first Home Depot store opened, it was the largest home improvement specialty store, with about 25,000 different home improvement products available in each store. Today, an average Home Depot store will have up to 40,000 different products, and Home Depot customers can special order 250,000 additional products not stocked in the brick-and-mortar Home Depot stores.
  • Empty product boxes were strategically placed on high shelves in the earliest Home Depot stores in order to create a warehouse look and give customers the impression that stores were stocked to the rafters with home improvement merchandise.

Proprietary Home Depot Brands

A significant part of Home Depot's success can be attributed to its sales of proprietary-branded merchandise including Ryobi® tools, RIDGID® tools, LG® appliances, Toro® lawn equipment, and Cub Cadet® lawn equipment. Home Depot's proprietary paint brand, BEHR® is reportedly the #1 consumer brand of paint, claiming to have more than 25% of the consumer paint market share in the U.S.

Home Depot's Competition Busting Strategy

The Home Depot Low Price Guarantee is an ongoing offer to beat any advertised price from a competitor on any product, as long as the product is also in stock at a Home Depot store.

Size Matters

  • The average size of a Home Depot retail store is 105,000 square feet.
  • The largest Home Depot store is 225,000 square feet and is located in Union, NJ.
  • Home Depot is not only the largest home improvement retail store chain in the U.S., but it is also the largest home improvement retailer in Canada and Mexico.

Home Depot's Customer Care

  • The Home Depot founders created a Customer Bill of Rights which entitled them to "right assortment, quantities, and price, along with trained associates on the sales floor who want to take care of customers."
  • Home Depot conducts free Kids Workshop clinics at its stores. More than one million children have built their first toolbox at these workshops.
  • The Home Depot Garden Club is the largest garden club in the world.

Gold Medal Employees

Since 1992, Home Depot has employed 570 Olympic hopefuls in its Olympic Job Opportunity Program. The program provided athletes with benefits and flexibility for training and competition. The program was discontinued in 2009.

Giving Away the Store

The Home Depot Foundation has donated more than $200 million to non-profit organizations, and the Framing Hope Program has donated more than $100 million worth of products to charitable causes.