6 Home Business Ideas for Pet Lovers

Make Money Helping Pet Owners

Dog groomer washing a dog

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People love their pets. The American Pets Product Association reports that pet owners spent $72.56 billion on their animal loved ones in 2018, and they're projected to spend more than $75 billion in 2016.

Pet owners are spending money on food, health care, housing, grooming, accessories and entertainment, providing ample opportunities for pet enthusiasts to profit through their own pet-related business. Here are six business ideas you can start from home.

Pet Sitting

One of the fastest ways to start working with pets is to start a pet-sitting and walking business. Summer and holidays are the ideal time to offer pet sitting, as that’s when people tend to travel the most. However, many people need sitters to care for their pets over the weekends while they go on short trips or to walk their pets while they're at work.

Being pet sitter and walker requires visiting people’s homes to walk, feed and play with their pets. In some situations, you may actually stay at the client’s home, which means you can add house-sitting duties (i.e. checking mail) to your pricing menu.

Pet sitters need to feel comfortable not only with animals, but with their owners as well, and with entering other people's homes. 

Pet Grooming

Pet grooming involves bathing, cutting and brushing hair, and clipping nails of dogs, and sometimes cats and other animals. While many owners need groomers for pet shows, some also use groomers to keep their pets clean, healthy, and looking good.

Grooming requires training or experience working with a groomer. Many states require a license to operate a grooming business. You can contact your state’s occupational license agency for details. You can run a grooming business from your home or consider bringing your services to your clients through a mobile grooming business.

Many animals don't enjoy being groomed, so you need to be comfortable handling animals that might squirm and even nip at you as you try to groom them.

Pet Trainer

Dog trainers work to teach dogs appropriate behavior and owners how to keep their dogs behaving correctly. Dog trainers should have experience working with dogs and knowledge of dog behavior and how to modify it.

In addition, animals, like humans, have feelings and often react to situations with behaviors their owners don’t like (like peeing everywhere but the litter box). In that case, animal trainers and communicators may be able to help solve problems pets and families can learn to live together in harmony.

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Pet Supplies and Accessories

People like to buy toys and accessories to entertain their pets and make them comfortable. With the growth of online shopping, starting a home-based pet supply business is easier than ever. You can sell your own creations (just make sure they’re pet tested), work with a wholesale supplier or promote products as an affiliate.

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Pet Treats and Food

Pet owners spent nearly $30.2 billion on food alone in 2018, and there's a growing market for healthy and organic foods and treats for pets. Food items are another type of business regulated by most states, so you’ll want to check out your state’s laws about producing and selling pet food. 

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Pet Photographer

Pets are a member of the family, and just like any other member, people like to have pictures for special occasions, holiday cards, and more. It helps to have experience with or knowledge of photography, as well as an ability to relate to different kinds of animals before starting a pet photography business. While you might have customers come to your home studio, many pet photographers travel to their customers' homes or other locations, such as parks, to take pictures. 

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