Guy Bergstrom

Guy Bergstrom has been writing to pay the rent for 20 years, first as an editor and reporter and now as a staffer for lawmakers.

He knows what it's like inside newsrooms and understands that public figures -- whether they're a governor, a CEO or an actor -- are going to get press coverage. The only question is, will that coverage be good or bad? That's the essence of public relations.


As a reporter and editor, Guy won awards for editing, political coverage and breaking news. He interviewed everyone from city council members to governors and U.S. Senators -- but also wrote features (pet of the future: hedgehogs), uncovered political sex scandals, covered a bungling serial killer and got shot at by a sniper.

After covering politicians for years, he made the switch to working as staff for the state House of Representatives, where he writes speeches, guest columns, releases and newsletters for lawmakers and fields requests from print and broadcast reporters.

Guy earned his bachelor's degree in journalism from Western Washington University, where he was editor-in-chief of The Western Front and named by professors as the top graduate in his class. He won tournaments as a competitor in college speech and debate and worked as an assistant debate coach.

Guy Bergstrom

Talking to reporters, going on radio talk shows or giving a speech in front of a big audience that includes TV cameras -- those aren't things that your average person is comfortable doing.

But good public relations is the best way to inform the public when you don't have an advertising budget, and it isn't as mysterious or scary as it sounds. With a little effort and practice, anyone can do it.

You can reach Guy by email.