Taking a Real Estate Career from Agent to a Large Brokerage Operation

Tips and Insights from Real Estate Professionals

A career in real estate brings you two powerful benefits:

  1. The ability to be in control of your life, your hours, your income
  2. Multiple income opportunities from residential to commercial, property management, and the management of other brokers

This article provides links to insights and tips from real estate professionals on how to manage your business as a solo agent, increase your reach and income by managing other agents. Grow your real estate practice from a one-person show, to several brokers, through a large brokerage with branches using these resources for management and marketing. These articles will help to focus your efforts while avoiding costly mistakes as you make the jump from agent to brokerage.

No matter how economic conditions change, forward-looking real estate professionals can position themselves and their firms to maximize income and capture growth opportunities.

Real Estate Business Marketing and Management

Reach your potential. Become as successful as you want to be by smart marketing. Understand where and how to invest your time to generate the greatest return. Your clients are all on social media - use it to its greatest effect. Embrace technology as a tremendous time saver and efficiency booster. Consider both residential and commercial real estate.

Brokerage Office Management

Thinking about moving from a solo practitioner to the boss of a brokerage? Thinking about increasing your income by participating in the efforts of other brokers? Don't go from little to big and back to little again because of poor business practices. Discover ways to form, manage and lead your real estate organization through periods of economic change. Plan for success using the experiences and insights of professionals. Tools and knowledge are here to operate a real estate brokerage.

Property Management for Investors and Real Estate Professionals

Looking to further advance your real estate career and income? Whether you're a real estate investor with rental properties, or a real estate agent or broker, the business of property management requires a great deal of knowledge of legal issues, landlord-tenant relations, property maintenance and construction and more. Use this section as a resource for property management information.