Gregory Go

Gregory Go has been doing business online since 1995. He is currently the CTO of Killer Aces Media, a blog network, and technology consultant to several local small businesses.


As head of technology at a startup blog network, Greg oversees an IT infrastructure that supports a globally distributed network of editors, writers and readers. Cofounding the blog network in 2006 was the culmination of a decade of doing business online.

Greg also works as a technical consultant to local brick and mortar businesses in the Los Angeles area. He helps these businesses develop and execute their Web strategies by consulting on Web site design and hosting, software and hardware evaluations, and creating customized Ecommerce solutions.

Greg works from his home in Los Angeles.

Gregory Go

I've tried dozens of ways to make money online since I put up my first Web site in 1995. Some are easier than others. None are get rich quick. Over the last dozen years, I've made all the mistakes and have learned valuable lessons about working online. While the key to success is the same as for traditional offline businesses -- providing exceptional value to customers -- the tools, lingo and best practice strategies are vastly different.

I'm here to help you navigate the acronyms and confusing options. Whether you want to find a new market for your physical inventory, or you want to start an affiliate business for passive income, or you want to launch your own Internet startup, my goal is to help you start your own online business.