Gmail as Your Real Estate Email

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I've made the switch completely from MS Outlook to Gmail. It is checking five other email addresses for me. I would not think of switching back, though there are things that I hope Google improves.



  • Could use more robust filtering options.
  • Contact management portion could use custom fields and more functions.
  • **Update:  Now you can have a few custom fields.**


  • Checks multiple POP3 accounts - Mine keeps up with five different email addresses for me.
  • Sends from multiple addresses - I choose the address from which I want the email sent.
  • Recognizes appointment language in emails and offers to build a calendar event for you.
  • Google's search + labels make finding emails later a breeze.
  • Groups emails with contact information. You can see your conversations with a contact from their contact record.
  • Keeps conversation threads, with all replies, together for easy following later.

    Guide Review - Real Estate Email - Will Gmail Work for Your Real Estate Email?

    For the busy real estate agent or broker, real estate email is a critical part of doing business. More of our documents move this way, as well as much of our communication with clients during transactions. Gmail is an option that many might find attractive. Gmail's functionality includes:

    • Will check your other POP3 accounts.
    • Will allow your outgoing mail to come from various addresses.
    • Works well with Google Calendar, even doing some automated scheduling.
    • Store huge amounts of email with generous storage allowances.
    • Labeling and Filtering allow fast location of email that's been saved.

    I have found that the cons of using Gmail are more than compensated for by the benefits. I was tired of crashes with MS Outlook when I decided to try Gmail. Though I usually travel with my computer, it is nice to know that I can walk into any internet cafe and conduct my normal email business.

    **Update: I wrote this article originally in 2008, and wanted to update it now. I still use Gmail, and now it's my only email client. I check multiple addresses with it, but they're all Gmail addresses. The stigma of not having a "branded" email is fading away with the popularity of Gmail and other free email clients.

    Over the past few years, there have been hundreds or more third-party apps and extensions written to extend the capabilities of Gmail. There are apps/extensions for CRM, Customer Relationship Management, transaction management, email tracking, email open notifications and more. I use several extensions with Gmail for my CRM and transaction/task management tied into Evernote as well.

    With the latest Evernote Clipper button, I can clip an email into an Evernote notebook easily. This way I can have all emails related to a transaction in the transaction notebook. It's a great customer relations tool but also reduces risk.​

    I can only recall two short periods over the past seven years that Gmail had a major outage, and those were at least three years ago. It's a stable and powerful platform. Filtering options that I mentioned as a Con above have improved a lot as well.  

    With "canned responses" you can even create template emails for stuff you send often, possibly answering the same question over and over again. You simply create the email and name it. When you want to send it, you simply pull up your canned emails and click on the one you want. The content of your email is filled in for you.

    All considered, I'm still a loyal Gmail fan, and a fan of other Google products as well. There's a lot of value in their email solution, not the least feature being that it's absolutely free.