5 of the Best Crowdfunding Sites for Charitable Giving

Websites Where You Can Make a Difference

Giving to charity online through crowdfunding has been a resounding success, with dozens of giving sites scattered across the web. Why? Because they help all types of donors to quickly and conveniently find worthy causes to support. 

Crowdfunding sites bring together many charities in one place, so a potential donor does not have to hop around looking for individual charities. And nonprofits, whatever their size, can find a home where they can reach donors quickly. 

Many small charities use these sites because they are reasonably priced, provide widgets that they can put on their homepages, and make it easier to raise funds.

Besides accepting donations charities, many online giving sites invite individuals to set up personalized fundraising campaigns for their favorite causes or even to help other people. In turn, charities can run their peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns through these sites.

Here is a sampling of the most popular charitable giving websites that provide information about many charities and causes. Some of these sites perform a variety of tasks such as helping nonprofits set up year-round fundraising, providing a home for group fundraising, and guiding individuals to worthy causes., They are terrific places to start your journey towards a lifetime of charitable giving or to experience the joy of fundraising yourself.

Network for Good

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Besides powering many online giving sites, Network for Good has its own website where donors can give to their favorite charities, keep all their giving records in one place, and spread the word about those charities to friends.

For nonprofits, Network for Good is a cost-effective way to process donations online. Nonprofits can set up branded pages and put donate widgets on their websites. 

Network for Good provides many valuable services to its nonprofit clients, including software for donor management and peer-to-peer fundraising.

Network for Good also has a terrific educational program through its blog and webinars. 


Mightycause (formerly Razoo) is a double, triple, and quadruple play. The crowdsourcing platform works wonderfully for any nonprofit, providing all the resources it needs to run its giving mechanics, from annual fundraising to events management. Basic services are free, but your organization can move up to a "premium subscription plan" with more features. 

But Mightycause also serves individual fundraisers. For instance, people can create a campaign (fees do apply) or set up a team effort to help another person or their favorite nonprofit. In addition, Mightycause is a donation machine. Find a nonprofit on its site and donate once or set up a recurring donation.

Especially fun are the fundraising ideas for individuals or groups, ranging from birthdays to weddings to anniversaries.

To understand all the ways you might be able to use Mightycause, check out the FAQ page.

Charity Navigator

If you'd rather be safe than sorry about your charitable contributions and enjoy a bit of research, try donating through Charity Navigator.

Charity Navigator rates charities based on very strict criteria that include financial health, transparency, and accountability. Plus, there is a trove of useful information including the ratings for listed charities, ranging from one to four stars.

You can research and then donate through Charity Navigator's Giving Basket. Pick one or more charities, set up monthly giving if you wish and get a receipt, all for a modest processing fee. You can also click through to the website of any charity that gets your interest.

On the home page of Charity Navigator, find links to useful articles and guidelines, plus lists of featured charities that frequently change. These are often tied to hot charitable themes, issues, or emergencies. 

Subscribe to Charity Navigator's email list so you can stay up on charitable issues and alerts.

You can search for charities by name or category. If you want to find a reputable charity that helps dogs, look for animal charities. If you have a charity in mind, check to see if it has a rating.

Not all charities are listed at Charity Navigator, only those 501(c)(3) charities that have been checked out and rated. It is not a comprehensive and exhaustive list of charities. Also, Charity Navigator focuses on larger nonprofits, so you may not find your favorite local charity on the list

Generosity by Indiegogo

Indiegogo became a darling of crowdfunding over the past few years. Until recently, the postings included startups raising money, individuals raising money for a new idea, and charitable causes by individuals or nonprofits.

Now, the philanthropic opportunities appear on another site called Generosity (recently integrated into GoFundMe). Here you'll find fundraising for a cause by a person, groups raising money for a charity, charities that have created a campaign, and more. All of it is about helping others. You can contribute or start a campaign of your own.


GoFundMe has quickly become a giant of social and crowdfunding. If you want to raise money for a cause or a friend or neighbor, you won't go wrong with this site. 

GoFundMe makes it easy to set up your campaign, communicate it to your friends and manage the donations. There are no setup costs, but there are fees involved. Third parties that process credit card transactions for GoFundMe charge 2.9% of the total plus $0.30 . What's left goes to the charity, cause, or individual. 

Check out the stories of fundraisers, the ideas for creative approaches, and the variety of things you can raise money for.