6 Smartphone Apps That Make Charitable Giving More Fun

Almost all of us have a smartphone. So lots of people have been working on integrating our phones with our love for supporting good causes. As a result, apps for charitable giving have increased, and are easy to find. 

Here are six of my favorites. I picked these for ease-of-use, transparency, and dependability.  I figured that if I can use them, anyone can. Pick one or more and try them out.

One Today

Onetoday projects available on our smartphones.
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One Today comes from Google and is as slick and beautiful as you would expect. It can be used with Apple products as well as Android.

Give $1 per day to your choice of pre-selected charities with this app. Google vets the charities so you can be sure your money is in good hands.  You can even set up a matching gift and urge your friends to donate.  Sharing your charitable act with your social networks is easy.

What’s to like: Charities receive all of the money donated because Google covers the transaction fee. Donations are processed through Network for Good. You can set up daily alerts so you will remember to give.



Share TheMeal smartphone app
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ShareTheMeal fights global hunger through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The concept is simple. Tap the app on your phone and give 50 cents. That will feed one child for one day.

Why not use the app whenever you sit down to a meal? Help feed the hundreds of thousands of hungry people in the world.

What’s to like: It’s simple, and grants and partner companies cover the costs. 


Budge is a smartphone app for charitable giving
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If you think giving to charity is something of a drag, here’s a game you will like. Budge allows you to challenge (make a bet) friends to do something, like lose weight, jump off a diving board, give up smoking, or walk five miles. If you win the challenge, your friends donate to charity. If they win, you give. It’s straightforward and fun.

What’s to like: You can turn almost anything that’s fun to do with friends into a charitable donation. Gamers should love this. Do note that Budge charges five percent of the contribution for operations, and there may be credit card fees as well.  Fees come out of the gift, and the charity gets the rest.

Donate a Photo

Photos in the Donate a Pholo Gallery
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This app is a keeper for sure.  What do we do with our phones? Take photos and more photos. Here’s a way to turn them into charitable do-gooding.  And it costs nothing. That's because Johnson & Johnson sponsors this app.

For every photo you send to J&J’s website with this app, the company donates $1 to a good cause.  And those causes are many.  You pick the cause you want to help from the curated list J&J has assembled. The only hard part is that you can donate only one photo per day.

Your photo ends up in an online gallery, but it’s safe there.  You can also share what you’re doing with friends and family so they can share their photos too. Browse through the gallery of photos for a shot of good feelings.

What’s to like:  Everything! Free, easy to do, fits right into our lifestyles.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a smartphone app for charitable giving
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Charity Miles was one of the first charity apps, and it has proven to be quite popular. You run, walk, bike, whatever and a small amount of money gets donated to a charity for each mile.

You don’t donate yourself.  Corporations do that.  So easy, peasy.  You can choose the charity you wish to support from those preselected by Charity Miles. 

What’s to like: No money! No credit cards! Just move around, and contributions happen.


Screenshot of GiveTide website

Giving to charity can be as easy as rounding up a purchase and donating that amount to a charity of your choice.

That’s what this clever app does for you.  Just download the app, connect a credit or debit card, and start shopping. Each purchase will be rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the change donated.

GiveTide rides the wave of interest in managing our money the mobile way. The organization prides itself on ease of use, small processing fees, and complete transparency along the way.

Although there is no cost to donors when you give via this app, there is a fee for charities that comes off the top of the donation when received. That is true for most donations made through any third party provider.

However, GiveTide fees are some of the lowest among the charity giving apps that we’ve seen.  You can read all about the fees and the process in the FAQ section on the GiveTide website.

What's to like: It's easy, satisfies that money management urge, and supports great causes.