Gigi DeVault

Gigi DeVault has over 15 years of research experience. Her research has spanned investigation in academic settings, government, private practice, and business. She is absolutely intrigued by the way that well-implemented market research can influence business decisions. Gigi is particularly excited about finding the best ways to harness the market research potential of interactive media.


Gigi's experiences have been uncommonly varied, including teaching a research methods course as a college professor, measuring program implementation effectiveness, and monitoring focus groups.

Her earliest research experiences occurred when she was a doctoral student at a prominent research-oriented university. Focusing on teacher training and educational programs, Gigi learned what it means to address the often competing and conflicting demands of research participants and contexts. This was helpful later on when her career shifted to the business arena.

Gigi has conducted primary and secondary market research, specializing in client satisfaction and business proposal outcomes. She has participated in and directed syndicated market research studies. As a senior market research analyst, Gigi translated market research findings into actionable insights for marketing, sales, and client service business units.


Gigi graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She earned a doctorate in education with concentration in educational leadership and policy studies, and public affairs. Gigi gravitated toward the business side of each new position she accepted until she finally acquiesced to the obvious and earned an MBA.

Gigi DeVault

Market research is changing in step with technology, giving access to an ever-expanding menu of ways to learn about customers and clients. can help you keep up with the changes and make the kind of decisions that add value to your business. Whether you are looking to see how your competitors are using cutting-edge interactive media or want to solidify your understanding of offline research, my goal is to help you find the information you need.