10 Great Golf Gifts and Giveaways for Golf Tournaments

Make your prizes memorable

Executing a successful fundraiser is a specialty in the event planning industry. Raffles, giveaways, gifts, and prizes are some of the most basic components of planning a great golf tournament fundraiser. 

From "hole challenge" prizes to awards for the tournament winners, it's important to select golf gifts and accessories that will please the crowd. Gifts and giveaways should provide additional incentives to participate and to continue to donate. 

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1 is deemed by serious golfers to be the highest quality and most popular golf ball available. You might consider buying a sleeve of three for each golfer and placing them as a gift on golf carts.

Or you might choose to award only your largest playing sponsors with these prized balls, depending on the size of your budget. 

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

The Titleist Tour Soft is a nice quality golf ball for players of all levels if you want to save a few dollars over the Pro V1. These balls can be a great gift for all your tournament's registered golfers.

Golf Divot Repair Tool

A hand applying a golf divot repair tool on the green
  nd3000 / Getty Images

Golf divot repair is good golf etiquette, and many courses offer a divot tool as part of the greens fee. A divot repair tool is a basic golf accessory.

Find a high-quality one that your golfers will want to keep for future use. These are inexpensive items, but they're well-received, so make sure you have enough for all golfers.

Golf First Aid Kit

Hand withdrawing lozenges from a golf first aid kit
  RossHelen / Getty Images 

It is a nice touch to offer each golfer a first aid kit that includes a range of items such as insect repellant, antibacterial wipes, bandage strips, aloe, or sunscreen.

Place the kits directly on each player's golf cart so participants can avoid a nasty sunburn or mosquito bites before the big raffle. You want to be sure they have them in hand on the course. 

Golf Towel

Golfer wiping an iron with a small white towel
  RUNSTUDIO / Getty Images 

Golf towels come in two sizes: small and large. The small towel is easy to carry, either in the pocket or clicked ​to the belt with a carabiner. They're great for cleaning off golf balls and clubs as necessary.

A larger towel can be used to cover the golf bag and keep those clubs clean.

Golf Umbrellas

Woman golfer towing golf bag and walking a course beneath an umbrella
  David De Lossy / Getty Images

You can give a golf umbrella to all your golfers or use it as a prize item, depending on your budget. Golfers are made of sturdy stock when it comes to weather. They'll play in just about any conditions, so this gift should come in handy.

Be sure to select a larger umbrella—62 inches is a good size.

Golf Duffel Bag

Man standing against a locker with a duffel bag over his shoulder
  Philipp Nemenz / Getty Images 

Golf duffel bags make a nice gift for golfers because they can use them on or off the course. Make sure the ones you choose are made of durable material and consider having the tournament name and date emblazoned on them. Commemorative gifts will stand out more.

Golf Stand Bag

Man and woman exchanging irons over a golf stand bag
  NiseriN / Getty Images 

Most people really enjoy their golf bags, but many would be willing to trade up for stand bags if they had a chance to win one of high quality. Search for a high-end bag to entice the players to compete hard, particularly if you're looking to offer one as the best score prize. 

Golf Putter

Man in suit putting in office
  PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura / Getty Images 

A putter is a great prize option for golf outings. You can award one to the top-scoring golfer, or to the winner of the longest drive contest.

Research for top quality. You have many options, but look for a putter with a strong brand name, such as Scotty Cameron (Titleist), TaylorMade, or Ping.

Table Tennis Racket

Woman holding a table tennis racket in front of plants
  Armita Ghasabi / EyeEm / Getty Images

Golf tournaments frequently offer consolation prizes to the team or individual with the worst golf score. The Prince table tennis racket might be a great item for those who enjoy table tennis, and it could serve as a nice takeaway for those who achieve the least impressive scores. 

Don't Overlook Non-Golf Items

It doesn't have to be all about the game. Consider including gifts like beer mugs, cigar boxes, coasters, or even coffee mugs adorned with the organization's logo. They'll make a memory even when participants aren't on the back nine.