Gift Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

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As any manager or business owner can tell you, a good administrative professional is the backbone of the office and Administrative Professionals Day gifts are always appreciated. Administrative professionals perform a variety of tasks, including project management, scheduling, meeting organization, writing correspondence, managing supplies, making travel arrangements, handling calls and messages, etc.

In addition to being the "Swiss Army Knife" of the office, a good administrative professional must be able to communicate well and effectively deal with a variety of personalities. Giving your go-to person or people Administrative Professionals Day gifts shows them that you recognize and appreciate what they do.

A Little Background

The last full week of April was first designated as Administrative Professionals Week by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) in 1952. Back then it was called Secretaries Week and just as is the case today, the Wednesday of the designated week is officially Administrative Professionals Day.

The purpose of Administrative Professionals Week is still the same too; to acknowledge those indispensable people who keep our offices running, doing all the things that need to be done so business owners can focus on growing their businesses.

According to the IAAP, Administrative Professionals Week is now one of the largest workplace observances outside of employee birthdays and major holidays. There are more than 22 million administrative and office support professionals working in the United States. More than 475,000 administrative professionals are employed in Canada - and of course, there are millions more working all over the world.

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts

Traditionally, bosses use this time to show their appreciation to their assistants for all of their hard work throughout the year.

To help bosses along (apart from giving the usual flowers and candy) we contacted several administrative assistants who were more than willing to give us some suggestions for bosses to show their appreciation on Administrative Professionals Day.

Each business relationship is different so you may want to talk to your assistant first, but here are some of the ideas that these administrative professionals came up with:

  1.  Give a nice gift basket.
  2.  Take her/him out for a nice, long lunch at a local fine restaurant.
  3.  Provide a morning at a local spa.
  4.  Give a gift certificate for dinner for two or an evening at a hotel or resort.
  5.  Arrange for the afternoon off to go shopping and throw in a little spending money.
  6.  Get them a new mobile phone.
  7.  Arrange for a housekeeper for the day.
  8.  Book and pay to have the car tuned up, and spring cleaned.
  9.  Present a plaque for her/his years of valued work.
  10.  Provide a family pass to the movies and plenty of popcorn money.
  11.  Arrange to have her/his carpets cleaned or yard prepared for the coming season.
  12.  Arrange for groceries to be paid for and delivered.
  13.  Find out who her/his favorite author is and buy their latest book.
  14.  Offer a three-hour lunch or, better yet, the day off!
  15.  Outsource some of his/her work to an off-site administrative professional, such as a virtual assistant.

Don't Forget

That the best gift shows your thoughtfulness and expresses your knowledge of the recipient's likes and preferences. A plaque with your administrative professional's name inscribed on it is only a good gift if he or she appreciates that kind of recognition.

And don't delegate. According to Cindy Ventrice, "Employees want the majority of recognition to come from their manager. It is okay for administrators to support your recognition efforts, but not to provide the recognition itself."

Of course Administrative Professionals Day or Week isn’t the only time of year you should show your appreciation to the administrative professionals in your life. Ensure that you make them feel valued throughout the year. Clients aren't the only people who appreciate hand-written notes; you'll be amazed at how far a thank you or kind word can go.

Now, if you are an entrepreneur without an assistant, don't let this day go by without patting yourself on the back for handling all of the administrative tasks. Why not outsource some of your work to a Virtual Assistant and give yourself back some personal or revenue-generating time?