New Site giantGator Summarizes Freelance Opportunities All In One Space

Freelance writing jobs are aggregated by giantGator

A common issue with finding freelance jobs is that the projects are advertised on so many different spaces. As an example, take a look at my article listing over two dozen different places to find freelance writing jobs. 

giantGator wants to help freelancers with this issue by aggregating information from all other freelance job search engines. Instead of functioning like an individual job board that only displays direct-posted opportunities, giantGator acts as a larger marketplace, helping out freelancers by providing them with an all-in-one freelance job search engine in order to more efficiently find work opportunities.

In the six months before their August, 2015 launch, giantGator aggregated over one million freelance projects, and averages over 8,000 new projects every day. As the typical post length for a freelance project averages only about four days, the extremely fast pace of the freelance marketplace is unique and experiences high turnover.

giantGator is an idea in reaction to that need. It was created by co-founders Keith Ringer and Dmytro Salko to serve both employers and employees by making current, relevant and recent contract work opportunities easier to find.

“Freelance and contract workers have enough on their plates finding, managing and delivering on projects,” said Ringer. “Our goal with giantGator is to make the process of finding new, relevant opportunities as easy as possible by offering an accessible search engine that prevents job seekers from having to spend their precious time searching a ton a different sites.”

Like more typical search engines or job boards, giantGator lets freelance workers search by keywords, budget or pay rates to find jobs that are good, solid matches for their needs. Registration isn’t required, but has additional benefits. In addition, the site presents insights for freelancers, such as an “Hourly Rates” feature, which shows users what skills as listed on the site are commanding the highest rates.  

Per their information provided to press, giantGator will continue to search for and include new sources into their aggregated search engine, serving freelancers fresh projects and information.

Please note that, since the site was in its beta stage at the time of print, the preceding article doesn't necessarily serve as a recommendation. If you've tried giantGator and want to share your experience with other freelancers, email me via my biography page