Gary Marion

Gary Marion has run (or been run by) supply chain operations at Pfizer, Amgen, the U.S. Army, Cleveland Golf, Stila Cosmetics, and other companies big and small.  He’s also jumped out of airplanes (as a profession), lived on 3 continents, eaten live shrimp, fathered two kids, dived the wall off Grand Cayman, survived weeks at a time without a shower while on field missions for the army, lunched at The French Laundry and lots of other things big and small. (Check out my Wordpress site as well!)


You might ask him, “Hey Gary, what siren call lured you to the super sexy world of supply chain?”  You can’t imagine how many times a day he hears that question. (Unless you can imagine the number zero.)  The answer isn’t exactly the stuff of an Oliver Stone biopic.  With his political science degree from the University of South Alabama, he opted to become an army paratrooper over the only other profession he was a qualified to do (bartend).  The army turned him into a logistician.  After the army – as a full-fledged supply chain pro – he optimized global distribution of Pfizer’s drug substance, reduced Amgen’s annual actionable spend by tens of millions of dollars, and lowered the cost of goods for peach-flavored lip glaze (and lots of other wins big and small). 


U.S. Army Quartermaster/Logistics Officer Basic Course

U.S. Army Airborne School

U.S. Army Airborne Rigger School

U.S. Army Airborne Jumpmaster School 

Gary Marion

"Life is a metaphor for supply chain."

"Work hard.  Be kind."