Freelancer Letter of Introduction: An Example

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In general, a letter of introduction (often referred to as an LOI) is a useful tool when attempting to enter into a long-term writing relationship with a trade or specialty magazine in a topic or area that is of great interest to you or, an area that you have a lot of experience in. These letters differ from pitch or query letters because that format pitches an editor only one idea for one article in a magazine. On the other hand, an LOI is a meaningful introduction to a working relationship.

Overall, trade magazines that are looking to add new blood to their writing cadre will advertise in freelance writing job lists, or simply poke around the web, looking for an expert. They might also seek out recommendations from those they know in the industry or use social media to get the word out.

Being Prepared Is Key

It's very likely you will encounter job postings from specialty magazines asking specifically for an LOI as a way of application. The important thing is that you be ready with your LOI as soon as you see a job that you're qualified for and meets your salary requirements. The freelance writing world is very competitive and the slightest delay will most likely result in a lost opportunity.

The example below is an LOI sent to a targeted publication because an established editor was retiring. You’ll note that this letter was sent to the new editor/replacement. The new editor will likely have resources, but it's just as likely they will want to cultivate more relationships with even more freelance writers. 


Ms. Joanne Cohen, Editor

Architecture and Design Digest

1211 Front Street

New York, NY 10009

Dear Ms. Cohen,

A couple weeks ago, while monitoring editorial and writing jobs available in the area of architecture and design (especially landscape architecture), I noticed the opening for your position. I trust that you've settled into your new position by now. 

I am hoping that part of your new responsibilities is seeking out and hiring freelancer writers with a specialty in landscape architecture, a topic that I have covered in-depth for nearly a decade. I am aware that most new editors to a publication like to build their own roster of freelance writers and editors to work with. To that end, I've included my resume and business card. 

As you will see from the enclosed, I am a full-time freelance writer and editor. I began my career as a writer, working in-house for one of the top landscape architectural firms, Field Operations. I went off on my own after three years of covering this area for several of Field Operation's communications venues, including their digital platforms. Today, my main client is the nationally-distributed XYZ Architectural Publication, where I write about XYZ Architectural Topic. I also have a short-term contract with  XYZ Regional Architectural Magazine.

Lastly, I've been published in several adjacent trade magazines that dovetail with landscape architecture. 

My resume showcases several references that I invite you to contact. In addition, I have several recommendations posted on my LinkedIn account that I invited you to read.

Please let me know if you require any other information or material.

In the meantime, I congratulate you on your new job, wish you much success, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Warm regards,

Ms. Gloria Kenworth