Freelance Writer Sample Cover Letter

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Following is a sample cover letter for a freelance writing position. The letter is provided simply as a template without additional comment. For both a sample and writing tips, visit this cover letter for writers.

Dear Supervising Editor,

First and foremost, congratulations on your new position.

At the time your position was posted, I noticed that you may need to form your own team of freelance writers, editors and bloggers. That’s where I come in.

As you start your new position and begin to build that team, you might inherit other freelancers. Or, you might post an ad and be absolutely inundated with applicants. Instead of spending your precious hours wading through prospects, I want to make this easy for you.

I want you to think of this letter and call me.

For years, I've provided sparkling copy, print-ready editing and engaging blog content to companies, websites, nonprofits and publishers just like yourself. My clients are smart. They know that hiring contract freelance labor is both pragmatic and practical. I provide a fresh vitality to your projects, am often able to expedite your work and meet deadlines that internal employees cannot, and I cost your organization a whole lot less.

My forte is communications of all kinds, and I excel at all forms, in all types of content and without regard to needed word count. I've written single brochures for fledgling nonprofits, and I've established the initial content for multi-channel blog networks in excess of 15 different topics.

My clients choose me because I offer the same level of friendly, professional service no matter what level their needs are. Past clients include Sample Newspaper, Sample Magazine, Sample Company and Sample Nonprofit.

I encourage you to join me in my respect for the environment by visiting my resume and portfolio online at My Website, where you will find samples, glowing references and an educational history.

I thank you for your time and eagerly await your response. 

I offer a free consultation and would welcome the chance to provide you with guidance and direction on upcoming projects.