Fun Financial Client Event Ideas

Businessmen in a bar for a client event.

skynesher / Getty Images

It can be tough to come up with interesting client event ideas that are both easy to run and are appealing to your financial clients and prospects.

With many financial advisors turning their attention to Generation X and Y clients, hosting cool events is becoming even more important. Client events are a great way to deepen client relationships and convert prospects into new clients.

Ideas for Fun (and Productive) Client Events

Here are a few ideas on how to host these events, from practice management consultant Dan Klein:

  1. Host a series of food events. It’s pretty well accepted that cooking classes, wine tastings, and dinners go over well with clients. Up your game with a series of classes that focus on a theme, like food from around the world (think: Italy, Thailand, Japan, and Argentina) paired with wines. You can also present a progressive series of appetizers, main courses, and dessert. The benefit of this is that it encourages participation in all events, which gives you multiple opportunities to chat with the clients. If you have clients who own restaurants or wineries, they might be happy to promote their operations for an exclusive event.
  2. Offer a private tour. Everyone loves being on the inside and in the know. Call a local museum, gallery, zoo, or other public institution and arrange a small group tour of the off-limits areas. Ask to be shown storage areas and works that are not on display. Ask the zoo if you can see an elephant feeding or to visit infant animals. A private tour, by its very nature, is exclusive and a step above your standard museum night.
  3. Skip the sales pitch. Clients know why they’re there and it ruins the mood to listen to a pitch. People will respect you and enjoy the event more if you keep it light and non-financial. Your prospects will be meeting your clients anyway, and you can mingle and spend time with hot prospects individually.
  4. Screen a themed or popular movie. Movie theater rentals aren’t very expensive on weekends, and a great budget-friendly idea is to screen a family-friendly movie. Oftentimes, you can persuade the theater to screen a hot movie after its opening weekend in a private screening.
  5. Make it kid-friendly. Invite clients and prospects to bring their friends and kids, and offer kid-friendly refreshments. You can make it a themed event by encouraging attendees to dress up as characters and have a costume contest. Even if you have a large number of guests, the shared experience makes it feel intimate.

More Ideas for Great Client Events

Here are two more ideas that might suit a Gen X or Gen Y investor crowd as well:

Host a local beer tasting. Beer is popular, especially among Generation X and Y investors. Show your connection to the local community by hosting a beer tasting at a local brewery or event space. Invite the brewer to talk about their beers, and consider offering refreshments that pair well with what’s being tasted. Think of it as a wine tasting for the under-50 crowd.

Host a food truck event. Food trucks are sizzling hot right now, and a perfect way to upgrade any outdoor event is to book a local food truck. Depending on where you live, you might be able to find a truck serving something as exotic as Korean tacos or as American as mac and cheese.