Facebook Real Estate Listings: Are You Doing Social Media Right?

Realtors still have a tendency to bring the old marketing ways into a new world.

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Isn't it a great new world for real estate marketing with the Internet? Even the most web-a-phobic of real estate professionals are now embracing websites, some are blogging, and a few are getting active on the social networks. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the big three. There's one problem though, in that many are still trying to market the old way on these new platforms.

First, I do believe that you should market your client's listing in as many EFFECTIVE ways as possible. That's effective, not destructive. What do I mean by destructive? You can draw a great deal of attention to your client's home if you call all of the news media and tell them to be in front of your business at 2PM tomorrow, as you're going to set fire to it. No doubt, a billboard out front with your listing's photo and details would get a HUGE amount of promotion, but your business would still be destroyed.

Just like that would be a stupid thing to do, it's also not smart to take a budding new marketing medium and permanently damage its ability to promote your business because you keep placing your listings there. Visitors to your Twitter page, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts really don't want to see every new listing you take...really. Continuing to push them there will only alienate visitors, causing them to leave at some point.

Promote you, your business, and your expertise in your local area real estate market. Do it with market commentary, education and statistics. Link out to your IDX search page, because a lot of your visitors will want to look at listings at some point, just not your listing du jour. The "old ways" are causing destructive marketing by real estate professionals in the new Internet world. So, where should your listings be promoted? Actually, while many Realtors are spending time and money to put them where they won't benefit at all, they are neglecting to get them syndicated.

Syndication is getting your listing placed on as many of the major real estate search portal sites as possible. These are places where people go to search for listings. What a concept! We actually place our listings where people are looking for them, instead of in places where they aren't looking, and will be annoyed by their presence. It may impress your listing client to show them their listing on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages, but it's misleading, and you can show them real value elsewhere on the Web.

Update for Listings on Social Sites

I'm updating this article, not to really change anything I've written, but to add another site and say GO FOR IT when it comes to posting your listings. It's Google+, and it's the Communities structure. You can create a Google+ Community, and what is better than real estate for this. You create a community about your local market area and post there:

  • local events and happenings.
  • real estate market information.
  • discussions about the local economy
  • talk about your services.

The thing about communities is that people join them and can then post to them as well. This creates content for you, but there is another benefit. They are interested in the local area and real estate market, so your new listings will be of interest, not an unwanted marketing pitch.