Evernote to Organize Your Real Estate Business

It's an amazing solution for everything from notes to document sharing.

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When Evernote began, it was only a software solution, usable to store and retrieve notes on your hard drive, it was quite useful. With all of its features, it was great even then. But, then they came out with the online version, and it also syncs with the software. You can use either or both. To top it all off, now you can share notebooks (folders) with those you choose. That was a major feature addition...it's really great.

Using your smart phone, desktop or tablet computer, you can access your Evernote notes anywhere and they're synced across all of your hardware. You open your account, and you're ready to "clip" information off the internet that will appear as a note in your Evernote account, always available online. It will take emails out of Gmail or any other email you view online, and even gives you a quick way to send a Google Reader entry straight to Evernote without going to the site article. It's done with a bookmarklet, a little javascript app called the Enote Clipper. You can even highlight portions of text and/or images on a web page and clip them with an automatic link to the site permanently recorded.

Their search utility is amazing, with no note getting lost, as you just type in your query and it pops up. And, it even searches text in PDF files. This is what leads me to one of the most valuable features, document attachments to notes, and notebook sharing. You're a busy real estate agent, and you create a notebook on your onboard Evernote software, setting it to sync with the Web version. They'll both sync and keep everything the same.

You set up a notebook for documents that you want to share with your client, the title company or others. Every time you create a new document, or receive a PDF related to the transaction, you attach it to a note in Evernote in that notebook on your hard drive. It syncs with the Web version, and the documents and notes are up there. You invite the appropriate people, and they're able to access the notes, files and documents in that notebook.

The software version makes clipping information from your onboard software easy, like clipping a bit of text from a document, a word file, spreadsheet, or even your Outlook email. It will sync with your online account and all will be backed up for access from anywhere. How many times have you made a note and lost it, either as a handwritten sticky, or a computer note you couldn't locate again. This will never happen again with Evernote.

Evernote's popularity has drawn a great many third party developers to create utilities and software to work with Evernote.  From specialty note formats to Dragon Any\where to use voice notes, there are many third party apps that are quite useful, often free or very inexpensive.  The are definitely worth a look as you  expand your use of Evernote when you see the power.

You go back to the office, and the note is there in Evernote, plus synced to the Web version. You call, get the invoice faxed to you, save it as a PDF file, and attach it to the note. You email the note to the inspector. You now have time entry records of everything that happened, plus a permanent file in your transaction notebook with the repair invoice.

There's more, but you're getting the idea. Evernote can help you to organize your business and daily activities, plus communicate with your clients and share documents. The free version will work for you if you aren't doing a lot of notes or trying to attach documents. But, the Pro version is only $45/year, and there's no way you're going to run out of capacity with 500 MB of upload every month.