On-Trend Business and Social Special Event Ideas

Creating an Event Experience to Remember

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Event managers work extremely hard to create memorable special event experiences for their clients.  Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, birthday party, or any other celebratory occasion, as an event manager you're paying attention to every last detail, down to the color of the linen napkins.  Your job is never done as you scour the Internet, network with colleagues and attend conferences to get a pulse on the latest event trends and ideas to deliver to your clients.

While fads will come and go, there seems to be one trend that is continuing across all events, and that is the “designer” event.  Clients no longer want a cookie cutter experience. They want event managers to create a unique experience for their guests.  One that will stand out from all the others and that means going beyond not the decorations and creating an engaging, and often interactive, experience.

Corporate Event Trends

Many companies today are looking to incorporate team building activities into their corporate event.  While destination meetings used to be popular, more and more people are staying closer to home (especially within the U.S.) because of the decline of the euro. This affords corporate event managers an opportunity to spend more money on activities. It also generates a team atmosphere if, say, the corporate summer retreat includes risk-taking survival exercises that connect and inspire employees to work better together.


Corporations also want event managers to create an entire branded experience that incorporates their mottoes, missions, and goals. This helps employees feel like they're a part of a bigger cause or mission.  Technology can play a huge role in these events.  Corporate event managers need to think creatively and keep the attendees engaged in every planned activity. This is easier than you think if you use iPads, Smartboards, and go the extra distance to create a branded app for the event.

What Millenials Want

Gen Y (the millennial generation born between 1977 and 1995) as a whole is more interested in experiences than material things. This generation of up and coming young professionals wants the intangible experience, not the tangible swag bags of old. Skydiving, rock climbing, rock concerts, paintball games, and laser tag are all examples of what these new c-suite executives want. Instead of surface connections, they thrive on deep connections, like modeling a meeting after Patrick Lencioni's “Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” with its meaningful (and sometimes) emotional connections.

Weddings go Smaller, and More High-Tech 

More intimate and more high-tech has made its way into the world of social event planning.  Weddings are becoming smaller, more unique, less traditional, and technology leads the pack.  Skype and other live streaming videos are becoming the standard for guests who live too far away to attend and some brides announce their wedding on twitter and post pics on Instagram. 

Couples are also foregoing traditional and focusing on the experience of getting married. Previously, it was standard to have 200 guests attend a reception. This meant that the bride and groom wouldn't be able to enjoy the day because they spent half their time walking around thanking guests for coming. Today, weddings are smaller and instead of formal cake cutting and first dance ceremonies, the wedding reception is an excuse for the groomsmen or bridesmaids to showcase awesome dance moves or perform a well-rehearsed comedy skit.

Social Celebrations Embrace Pop Culture

Birthdays and other social celebrations today are riddled with pop culture themes.  However, instead of a children's party having Minion-themed paper plates and decorations, event managers are creating Minion activities. If you're tasked with an event like this, have the guests dress up as Minions, have them choose the villain they want to follow, and make sure there are guest appearances from all the bad guys and ladies.This makes for an interactive fun experience, which is what kids want today.

Photo booths, social media threads, and Skyping in the grandparents are all ideas that'll make the day special and unique for the birthday child.

If as an event manager you become more creative, learn to think outside of the box, and focus on the thrill of the unique, branded, and interactive experience, you'll surely excel in your field.