Event Planning

Are you always planning parties and events for your friends? Maybe a career in event planning is right for you! Learn how to get a job in event planning or start your own business, and get tips and best practices for planning everything from Bar Mitzvahs to weddings.
Business people with raised arms during seminar
Learn How to Plan a Great Seminar
Businesswoman using tablet computer in dining room of a sponsored event
What Event Planners Need to Know About Sponsorship
Businesswoman using tablet computer in dining room
How to Find and Hire the Best Event Planner
People in the street during a community festival
How Do I Attract Corporate Sponsors for My Community Festival?
Illustration shows event management vs. event planning, comparing reserving a location for an event to selecting an overall event theme; coordinating outside vendors with negotiating hotel contracts; managing staff with hiring a caterer; and resolving event situations on site with developing invitations.
Event Management vs. Planning: What's the Difference?
Business meeting
Proper Business Etiquette for Corporate Events
Motor trade show at with attendees and staff interacting around cars on display..
Trade Show Booth Etiquette Rules Your Staff Should Follow
Holiday Party at work
Cool Yet Corporate Holiday Work Party Ideas That Everyone Will Enjoy
Hors D'oeuvres
The Basics of Building an Event Budget
Businesswoman using tablet computer in dining room
5 Questions Every Event Planner Should Ask
Bridal event planner with bride-to-be looking through dress catalog
How to Get Your Dream Job in Event Planning
Man presenting to audience at a conference
What Is Event Management?
Champagne glasses with one spilling all over table
Etiquette Mistakes at the Company Holiday Party
Employees in Santa hats with champagne ad sparklers
How to Plan an Amazing Company Holiday Party From Start to Finish
Bride Checking To Do List
Here Is a Basic Outline of the Event Planning Expenses You'll Incur
2015 Taste Of Chicago - Day 4
How to Plan a Community Food Festival
Common types of corporate events illustration
The Top Types of Corporate Events Every Event Planner Should Know
Stocking your supply kit is something every event planner needs to have at the top of their checklist.
The Basic Supply Kit Every Event Planner Should Have
Event Planners Before a Luncheon
How Successful Event Planners Stay Organized
Patio overlooking hills and mountains set up for an upcoming event.
Steps to Finding the Perfect Event Venue
Several happy millennials jumping and throwing confetti
Learn the Wording and How to Write an Invitation For Special Events
Close-up on discussion in a business meeting.
Top Tips for Increasing Business Meeting Attendance
Group of people standing by windows of conference room, socializing during coffee break
Tips for Increasing Your Corporate Event Attendance
Isolated Blank Card for First Class Service
Business Event Etiquette Mistakes You Don't Want to Make
Businessman and businesswoman with digital tablet in empty event space
How to Measure the Value of Events With ROI and ROO
Two men looking and pointing at city plans hanging on windows
Here's How the Every City Should Manage Its Public Events
Hotel room with a view
10 "Green" Hotel Initiatives Every Event Planner Should Know About
A group of business people at a small event
A Planning Checklist That You Can Use for Small Events
pad thai being served at a food festival
Top 5 Tips for Organizing a Community Food Festival
young man writing in a notebook
Guidelines to Help Determine Your Event Planning Fees
Event registration table
Here Are Some Great Ideas for an Effective Event Registration Table
Fundraising Event Sponsorship
How to Craft a Fundraising Event Sponsorship Proposal
Event planner leading a meeting, writing on a whiteboard.
Follow These Tips to Manage Event Planning Information Flow
young woman writing in a planner while sitting in front of a laptop
Here Is What You Need to Know to Become an Event Planner
Businesswomen discussing place settings in luncheon room
Here Are Tips on How to Find Your First Event Job
Woman wearing beret walking in to trade show exhibition hall.
Top Trade Shows and Opportunities for Event Planners
certified meeting professional CMP certification
Learn About CMP Certification and How to Be a Certified Meeting Pro
Happy woman event planner
How do Event Planners Structure Their Fees?
Businesswoman using tablet computer in dining room
What Does It Take to Succeed in Event Management?
How to Be an Event Planner: Getting Started
How to Get Started in Event Planning
Bakery business owner talking on cell phone laptop
What You Should Expect to Earn in the Catering Profession
Event Planning Careers
6 "Sneaky" Ways to Find Corporate Jobs That Include Event Planning
Event planner standing with tablet in ballroom with tables set up for a formal dinner event
Key Event Planning Skills to Highlight on Your Resume
Event planners at work before the event
Attract Clients With These Marketing Strategies for Event Planners
Event coordinator helping set up a room for an event, looking at iPad
How to Break Into the Event Planning Business as an Event Coordinator
Businesswoman using tablet computer in dining room
Here Are Some Helpful Tips on How to Find Event Planning Jobs
An event planner standing in an empty ballroom they are considering using.
How Much Can an Event Planner Earn?
Three people in a potential client meeting
Landing a Big Event Planning Client With Little Experience
Two female caterers with dishware
Job Titles in Event Planning
Female event coordinator standing backstage with clipboard
The Best Event Planning Opportunities in Every Category
Event space before the event
Find Out the Difference Between Event Planning and Coordinating
co-workers meeting in a conference room
Here Is a Step-By-Step How-To Plan to Set up Effective Meetings
Businesswoman working at digital tablet sitting in empty new office
Some Tips on Writing an Event Planning Service Proposal
Couple at table with an event planner
How to Help Your Customers See the Value of Event Planning Services
Woman studying on lap top
How to Plan for an Event Planning Business
Destination Event Planner Preparing in Dining Room in a Resort
What Do Destination Management Companies Do?
Wedding planners
7 Things to Include in an Event Planning Business Proposal
Place setting at a reception
10 Tips to Attract Event Sponsors for your Next Special Event
Event manager working in a banquet hall before a luncheon
10 Reasons Event Management is the Ideal Business Start-up Opportunity
Collaboration makes a small event planning business successful
Tips on How to Grow an Event Planning Business