eBay Seller Makes $28K for Company and Receives 10 Percent Raise

eBay seller Rozina
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eBay selling is a skill that can come in handy in all types of situations. Rozina Hunter sells on eBay very part time. A Facebook group of eBay sellers encouraged her to become a seller and continue selling for many years. She has an amazing story of how selling on eBay helped her financially on her day job.

Rozina works for a Fortune 500 packaging company in a small town in South Carolina. She has been employed there for over 30 years. There is a convenient perk for an eBay seller working for this company—Rozina gets free boxes and bubble wrap that would otherwise be thrown away if she didn’t happily take them home to use for her business.

Something interesting happened to Rozina a few months ago. The department she works for purchased a piece of food filling weigher equipment in the early 2000s that cost well over $100,000. Before the equipment could be used the project was abandoned. The equipment was stored in a clean room until a few months ago. It was still covered with the plastic wrap it was originally shipped in, so the machine was in brand new condition. Upper management decided that they wanted the space that the filling equipment was occupying to start another project immediately.

Rozina's direct report supervisor was asked to have it removed and placed in the company’s warehouse. The cost to have this done was estimated at well over $6,000 and would come out of the supervisor's department’s budget. Unbeknownst to Rozina, the supervisor told her manager that she was going to have Rozina sell it online and make a profit. 

Because Rozina's supervisor knew that she sold items on eBay, she approached Rozina and asked her to sell the machine so that she wouldn’t have to incur the cost of tearing it down, crating, and transporting the equipment to the company’s warehouse. The equipment would probably have been stored in the warehouse for several years before being hauled to a metal recycler. Rozina immediately corrected her supervisor agreeing that yes, she sells on eBay, but definitely wasn’t into selling large pieces of industrial equipment. Rosina's supervisor remarked, “If I didn’t think you could do it, I wouldn’t have told my manager that you could.” Rozina took the challenge and set out to sell the equipment.

She checked eBay where she found prices for parts of the equipment and several whole units. She then Googled the name of the equipment and found several of the units in varying conditions on a few websites. Rozina called the company that made the machine and asked if they wanted to buy it back since it had never been used. That was a dead end. The manufacturer remarked that "they were in the business of selling their equipment and not buying it."

The service representative that Regina spoke to asked her to send him some photos of the machine and offered to check around to see if anyone was interested in it. Low and behold, a pecan company from Georgia contacted Rozina within a few days and asked how much she wanted to sell it for. Rozina asked for $30,000 to give her some negotiating room. She didn’t want to ask for too much as she only had a short timeline to get it sold. She figured whatever amount she asked would offset the $6000 it would cost to store it in a warehouse forever.

A couple of representatives from the pecan company flew to South Carolina and took a look at the equipment. They liked it and finally agreed on a price of $28,000. Rozina did not commission from this sale. She got something better. She was awarded a 10.3% monetary raise immediately. Rozina never in her 32 years of working for this company received a raise above 3%. She knows it all came about because she learned how to sell on eBay and was able to put her skills to practical use in the real world.

This true story goes to show that eBay selling is a skill and has many applications. Whether it is selling used items in your garage, selling items on consignment for someone else, or applying the knowledge on another job, eBay selling is a valuable skill to keep in your back pocket.