Tips to Build Your Facebook Page Following

Business owners using laptop to update their Facebook business fan page and gain new followers.
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Many business owners want to grow their home business through Facebook and want to create a long-lasting online presence that will connect their business with millions of users from different parts of the world. You can use your Facebook page to sell and continually increase your following.

As of 2019, Facebook is home to more than 360 million active users. Facebook is the only social media that best meet the marketing needs of big and small businesses. In fact, the number of Facebook users may continue to grow by leaps and bounds over the next three years, so if you are serious about growing a business following, Facebook is the best place to start.

All great journeys begin with one step and building a great Facebook business fan page starts with one click.

Create High-Quality Sharable Content

Content is King, so to speak. But, people will not just read anything posted online. Instead, readers look for great content that can inform and add value. When you create content that impresses your current following, they will want to share the content on their profiles for others to see. This allows many people to see and interact with your content and like your page. The more content people share the more likely the opportunity for you to grow your Facebook Following.

Invite Your Facebook Friends to the Business Page

Inviting friends to like and follow your Facebook page is an alternative to Facebook advertising. Although there are limits to the number of invitations that you can send to friends, sending invitation is the best way to get started. By default, Facebook allows you to have only 5,000 profile friends. For your business page, this means up to 5,000 likes over time if you are inviting friends, although it is highly unlikely that every person you invite will like the page and become part of your following.

Luckily, when friends like your business page and they see valuable content on it, they will be recommending it to their friends. You can even ask your friends to suggest your page to their friends.

Invite Your Email Subscribers to Like Your Facebook Page

If you use email marketing, and you should, let your subscribers know about your Facebook page. Because your subscribers already know and trust you, chances are good they’ll also like your page.

Ideally, use HTML email, which better ensures the link will be clicked. Most email list providers offer templates that make it easy to have visually appealing emails that attract readers. You can include a direct request to like your page, such as “Please stop by and like our Facebook page to get more great tips and information.” You can also include a link to your page as part of your signature line.

Use Business Cards to Share your Facebook Page

Few businesspersons use business cards anymore. You’ve probably heard some say they’re outdated — that they don’t work anymore or that they’re a waste of time and money. Here is the truth:

  • Business cards are still an effective direct marketing tool.
  • Business cards are cheap and cost-effective. Further, they’re easy to carry, so they’re always available to give out, but also, easy for your customers to keep with them to refer to when needed.
  • Business cards can help you create a personal link with a customer because you share them with a professional handshake and conversation.

But how can these cards help you grow your Facebook following? Include your page’s URL on the card and engage the recipient in a conversation about the Facebook page, then invite them to follow your business.

Use Business Letters to Share your Facebook Page

One of the easiest ways to interact with new and returning customers is via business letters. Even in a time where digital content is the craze, business letters are still very effective. In fact, personalized letters are even more effective because they offer a personal touch. Direct mail is often used to sell products or services, but it can also be used to build your Facebook following.

However, don’t just wing the letter. Before you write the letter, ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. How will your new Facebook page help your followers?
  2. What values will they get from liking and visiting your page?

It is important to understand that you need to answer these questions in your letter before recipients will follow. They need to know what benefit they’ll get by following your page. What’s in it for them that they should bother following?

Promote Your Facebook Page for Just $20.00

Facebook is the second-largest advertising network after Google Adwords. As such, there is no doubt that you can leverage the power of Facebook Advertising to grow your online following.

Moreover, the company offers the cheapest advertising and promotion rates on the Internet, starting at $5.00 per post. It’s an affordable price to pay to give your Facebook page exposure to millions in your target market. You can make your Facebook page much more attractive with Facebook templates that offer a classy and suave look.

There are many solid reasons why you should ask Facebook to promote your page, including:

  • Your page will get many likes.
  • Facebook will make it easy for people to find you for the right reason at the right time.
  • Asking Facebook to help you promote your page will give you the assurance of a high conversion rate—maybe even beyond your initial expectations. 

Compared to other advertising options, Facebook ads offer great value. 

While building a Facebook following doesn’t happen overnight, you can help it along using the above tips. By offering value and a good reason for people to follow, and then reaching out to your current customers, as well as to potential prospects, you can steadily grow your following.