Donna L. Montaldo

Donna Montaldo
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Donna Montaldo is a journalist who combines her past experience in the retail industry with her experience and passion for using coupons and finding bargains.


Donna Montaldo worked in the retail industry for several years as a regional store manager for a large junior apparel company, a buyer and sales representative of designer apparel and in a management position with the outlet division of the popular Liz Claiborne line before pursuing her current career of 12 years as a columnist focused on writing about coupons and bargain hunting.

She has contributed to numerous publications including Consumer Reports Money Adviser, Reader's Digest Books, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune.

Donna L. Montaldo

Working in the retail industry taught me that I could surround myself with beautiful things without ever paying full price for anything. Writing about Coupons and Bargains gives me a wonderful opportunity to share retail secrets, tips on how to save money when shopping, how to get the best deals at grocery stores and drugstores and how to utilize coupons to stretch anyone's budget.